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Chaotic Lei Xiu 202002 15155557. Full-time Job

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Two people's magic weapon grade is not low, the flight speed is also quick, completely may build the base friar to keep pace with. As for Xiao Pang and Hong Ying, each of them stepped on the clouds and inserted wings, and their speed was not much slower than that of the four people in front of them. Only a few other disciples, are driving the instrument flying sword, although the grade is between the grade, but still can not compare with Xiaopang and others, can only be helpless in the last. Had it not been for the speed of convergence of the people in front, they would have been left on each side? On the way of the flight, the two friars did not forget to talk about the destination and the matters needing attention. Under their voice, even if they were flying high in the sky, they heard everything clearly. It turned out that the hunting place they had chosen this time was a place more than 20,000 Li away from Xuantianbieyuan. A place called Qiancui Mountain. It is said that the scenery there is very beautiful, with green mountains, dense forests, beautiful lakes and rivers. The most important thing is that the terrain there is very similar to the place where Xuanlingguo is fought for, and even the types of monsters hidden in it are similar, which is the most cooperative place for training. According to the two friars, the people will stay there for a month. During this period, each of them will complete at least one battle with the monster of the same level under the care of the friar. The second phase must win a perfect victory. If they can't finish it, they will be punished when they go back. Of course, those who perform well will be rewarded. Yao can my heart is touch can Yao can swing the Qishu net is Www. Qisuu. Com twenty thousand miles away, for ordinary congenital monks,Glass Cosmestic Containers, I'm afraid to walk for several days, but for this group of elite, it is just a day of hard work. In the morning and evening, when the genius was dark, they arrived at their destination. Of course, to catch such a long way, for ordinary congenital monks or some burden, many people barely arrived, are exhausted,Uv Gel Nail Polish Bottle, exhausted. Even the little white dragon with jade face and the matchless sword God are tired to death. But Xiao Pang and Hong Ying were all right, because the flying tiger was stepping on the clouds and inserting wings. They just sat for a day, and they didn't have much effort at all. But stepping on the clouds and inserting wings consumed a lot of medium-grade Lingshi, which is a painful thing. Fortunately, Xiao Pang is a rich man, and Hong Ying, as the only daughter of the college couple, will never be poor, which they do not care about. In addition, the two monks are not a big problem, with their strength, twenty thousand miles is just a small thing. They thoughtfully arranged for the disciples to meditate and rest, while they kept vigil for them. A night without words, the next morning. The people who meditated and breathed got up one after another, and after a night of practice. Their aura has already been restored as before, and they are all rubbing their fists and hands. Waiting for the upcoming hunting of monsters. The two monks knew that these young people had lived in the shadow of their elders and had never come out to fight with monsters, so they were eager to try at this time? They all understood the eagerness of the disciples, Oil Dropper Bottle ,oil dropper bottle, so they didn't talk nonsense. After they cleaned up, they took them to the deep mountain forest and flew slowly. As they walked, they explained to the crowd what kinds of monsters there were in the mountains and forests here, what characteristics these monsters had, and all kinds of matters needing attention, and so on. It was obviously not the first time for the two monks to do this kind of work. Their explanations were exquisite and their language was interesting. After listening to them, they not only dared not be boring, but also benefited a lot. So the crowd marched slowly. Many hours later, suddenly, the two monks stopped at the same time. One of them turned around and said with a smile, "There is a little guy in front of you. He is very suitable for you to practice. I don't know who wants to be the first to come." I'll do it. I'll come As soon as the impatient crowd heard this, they began to shout one after another. Seeing this, another friar said hurriedly, "Well, whoever tells you the kind and position of that guy first will be the first to do it!" When his voice fell into the net, the little white dragon with a jade face immediately sneered, "What's so difficult about that? It's a four-level monster and a colorful poisonous widow, isn't it?" "Eh?" After hearing this, everyone was surprised. They didn't notice anything, but let the boy take the lead. It was really beyond everyone's expectation. Seeing the expressions of all the people, the little white dragon with jade face couldn't help feeling elated. But after the friar was stunned for a moment, he suddenly realized, "Ah, I see. There is a white dragon spirit in your white dragon sword. That thing can greatly enhance the divine consciousness. So now the scope of your divine consciousness is similar to ours, so you can perceive it!" "Ah, so that's it!" Only then did the crowd suddenly realize. At the same time, he was extremely disdainful of the mysterious performance of the little white dragon with jade face. The jade face small white dragon was exposed the trick, in the heart big hatred, the net wanted to say anything, but unexpectedly the people did not give him the opportunity, directly said: "I have a word in advance, since you discovered it, then this first battle by you to carry on!" After the jade face small white dragon listens, immediately forgot just now not happy, he immediately exulted: "No problem, gives me!" " With that, the little white dragon with jade face rose directly from the sword and turned into a streamer of light to shoot forward. The crowd hurried to follow and watch. Section 118 Unexpected Encounter But now. The little white dragon with a jade face, holding the five-grade magic weapon White Dragon Sword, was not afraid at all. It was hundreds of feet away from the other side. He stretched out his hand and pointed, shooting out a seven or eight feet long, white dragon-shaped sword gas, like a thunderbolt, instantly chopping on the other side's thick shell. The crowd heard a crisp sound of Gaba, and the four-level monster colorful poison widow was cut into two parts by the white dragon sword gas on the spot, and the colorful internal organs flowed all over the floor in a twinkling of an eye. Seeing the success of his sword, the little white dragon with a jade face couldn't help being elated. He immediately said triumphantly, "What about the fourth-level monster?"? Under the sword of the young master, it is not vulnerable! "Brother Long, mighty!" Those who belong to the jade face of the little white dragon in the elite of the inner door of the younger brother, also immediately followed to flatter. However, the two friars who built the foundation looked dumbfounded. One of them couldn't help saying, "Martial Nephew, your sword looks powerful,Empty Glass Foundation Bottle, but in fact it's a magic weapon, and your own skills are not shown at all!" "If you can kill monsters, what skills do you need?" Jade face small white dragon immediately unconvinced way. penghuangbottle.com

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Chaotic Lei Xiu 202002 15155557.