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Break up, I want to go to Harvard! Full-time Job

1 year ago   Environment & Mining   Paoy Paet   460 views
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When Tang Wan first said she wanted to bring Hsieh Shu-yao closer to the cast of the annual big-budget historical drama, she only mentioned it once. Later, Hsieh Shu-yao never got the script, so she didn't ask again. Who would have thought that in late July, Tang Wan sent the script to Hsieh Shu- Yao. Xie Shuyao spent one night reading the script, and finally found out the whole story. This is a story of a silly white sweet who, after being bullied, is beaten by life to grind out edges and fangs little by little, and eventually turns black. She and Tang Wan play the same role at different ages. She plays the silly white sweet who has been bullied and only lives in the black and white memory fragments of the play, while Tang Wan plays the heroine who has been blackened into a God to block and kill the Buddha. Probably what the director wanted at the beginning was to let Tang Wan pretend to be young, but unfortunately Tang Wan was unwilling to pretend to be charming with a pink face, just like Xie Shuyao, who was strongly recommended by the crew for almost zero achievements in film and television works. The director believed in Tang Wan's vision and word of mouth, so he asked the scriptwriter to revise the script and try to make the process of changing the faces of the two characters more harmonious and not too abrupt, so the director took out the classic plot-transfiguration. In the plot of the heroine's later blackening, they are all on top, so Xie Shuyao has to play a few scenes, which involves the natural transition of the two actors'eyes, emotions and so on, which is a big challenge for Xie Shuyao. The director had already prepared heart-protecting pills, fearing that he would get angry in the process of teaching new people to act, but Xie Shuyao gave him a surprise plus. That is to say,die casting parts, at the beginning, she was a little uncomfortable with the plot, but also NG a few times, to the end of the shooting, has been able to guarantee a pass, even if NG a few times, it is also because of the other people who play the opposite part of the problem. For Xie Shuyao, filming is a special experience. Looking at other people's lives from other people's point of view,metal stamping parts, one's own soul seems to be out of the way, looking at other people's decisions and reactions from such a point of view.. Do not have a taste. The director silently added Xie Shuyao's WeChat, thinking that he would consider Xie Shuyao when he had the right opportunity. He thought that Xie Shuyao, like other young actors, would seize the opportunity to climb up, but this was not the case. Xie Shuyao in the crew time, in addition to the necessary communication, many times behave like a transparent person, that is, can say a few words with Tang Wan and Tang Wan's assistant. Her scenes are not the main scenes, Tang Wan also specifically stressed with the director that she usually has other things to do, the director used intensive shooting, just into mid-August, all of Xie Shuyao's scenes have been finished, the last scene was shot in Xishuangbanna, deep draw stamping ,car radiator cap, the heroine's carriage crashed on the cliff, all memories are drawn on this node. After a simple dinner, Xie Shuyao left two cans of gel masks for Tang Wan, and then returned to Chengdu from Yunnan. ———————————————— The third year of senior high school did not start on September 1. Going forward, after the final exam of the second year of senior high school, the third year of senior senior high school began. If we go further, the third year party will finish the college entrance examination, and the second year party will enter the third year. It's just too nervous to say so. Busy a whole high two Xie Shuyao return to the quiet life. For her, IELTS intelligent learning plan and postgraduate entrance examination English intelligent learning plan has been continuing to generate income for her, even if she does nothing, also has achieved financial freedom. Although the dividends obtained from intellectual education can not help her pay off the full amount of her phase. But the down payment was enough, Xie Shuyao did not worry about the mortgage problem, so he bought the house directly. Li Manzhi knew Xie Shuyao's stubbornness, and did not force Xie Shuyao to move into the Chen family with her. Instead, he asked Xie Shuyao for a key. Every day, he would come to Xie Shuyao to help clean up and fill in the missing things in the refrigerator. There is another reason, that is, Xie Shuyao bought this house from the Chen family is separated by two rows of single-family villas, can not be far away, 15 minutes on foot, Li Manzhi originally wanted to call Xie Shuyao to go to the Chen family for dinner, but she thought of Xie Shuyao's cooking level is better than her cooking skills for so many years, to the mouth of the words became, "Shuyao," When are you going to cook? Call your mother, and she will come to eat. "OK, remember to call Uncle Chen and Brother Hang." Xie Shuyao answered fluently. For her, cooking is not a burden, but a kind of enjoyment. Li Manzhi sighed with relief. Xie Shuyao cooked another farewell dinner'according to the menu '. After the meal, the mother and daughter were two families. Li Manzhi helped Xie Shuyao clean up the kitchen, and when he saw that Xie Shuyao had already entered the study, he left lightly. The study is a pattern of French windows. Xie Shuyao sat on the big windowsill, holding a book in his hand, but his eyes were not on the book, but on the stars in the vast night sky. She came out of her original family completely. To be exact, she would never find her original family again. Her parents, good or bad, had formed a new family. No matter where she went, she became an outsider. The only difference was that if she went to the Chen family, the atmosphere might be more harmonious. If she returned to Pingcheng, there might be a bloody battle. Looking up for a long time, the neck is hard to avoid some stiffness, Xie Shuyao took back his eyes, also took back the idea of walking away, she laughed at her heart that little affectation of sadness, "It's not the first time to live alone, the immortal world of a thousand years have passed alone, what is not to adapt to?"? Every day in the future has to be steaming hot! Standing up and moving his neck,Stainless steel foundry, Xie Shuyao went barefoot to the kitchen to pick up a bottle of wine and adjust the air conditioning in the room. When I wake up, the book of life is a new one. The author has something to say: Today must be the fastest day for the plot.. The train of thought is a little confused, and I have to sort it out. The next watch and the next next watch are at night. The 30th stop How long is the process of growing up. autoparts-dx.com

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