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Big Devil (Fairy Spare My Life) Full-time Job

4 months ago   Legal & Consulting   Battambang   175 views
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It took several months to wipe out most of the army of mind snatchers in this chaotic space. At the same time, the total amount of profits is also increasing. Chaotic crystallization, in particular, began to increase in a rapid manner. After some exploration, in the abandoned mind killer farm, Lei Dong also found the space gap array switch that controls the chaotic space leading to the abyss, as well as another space node entrance. Obviously, there is the place where the two generals of the Demon World will come. And the ghost emperor, also with a more gentle way, the fangs carried out a search for the soul. Although can not get too much information, but also know the fangs and overlord. He is a member of the Demon World Force called Bloody Fangs. This force is mostly composed of the Shura clan, and its name is not small in the three realms. But this time, is carries out the blood evil spirit tusk organization's secret mission to come, in a fortuitous opportunity, has obtained about the ancient times is forgotten seizes the heart evil spirit world some space node coordinate information, then ordered the fangs to be responsible for this matter. The chaotic space currently controlled by Thunder is actually a base for the Demon World to breed and create an army of Demons in ancient times. But because of the war. The High Demon Marshal, who was in charge of the Demon base, was completely wiped out in a surprise attack, together with all his subordinates. In this way, the space node coordinates of the mind flayer base become a mystery, which is equivalent to being lost. And the blood kills the fangs. Is to inadvertently get some vague information,face recognition identification kiosk, sent fangs to grope. The reason for not sending out the strong in the period of integration. That's because after billions of years of changes in the three realms, the general pattern has not changed. However, the location of the space node leading to the breeding base of the mind snatcher was set up at the beginning, but it was in a place called the chaotic star field. It is a buffer land independent of the three realms, where the space is chaotic and the environment is extremely complex. It is easy for many people who have committed crimes in the three realms to escape to the chaotic star field. On the one hand, it is a three-regardless zone, which is not restricted by the three realms. Second, even if you have the intention to send people to encircle and suppress,digital whiteboard price, as long as you hide in the extremely complex and vast environment like the sea, even if you are the supreme relative, it is difficult to make contributions. However, although the chaotic star field is chaotic, it is not without control. With the change and evolution of time, the most powerful people in today's chaotic star field are the seven emperors. Each of the seven emperors was in the period of integration. According to their strength and influence, they divided the chaotic star field into seven territories, which were ruled by the seven emperors respectively. At this time, the chaotic star field has developed from the original strategic buffer zone to an independent power. The attitude of the three realms towards it is also to draw in the majority. No one can send troops to destroy the chaotic star field, otherwise, once the chaotic star field takes refuge in the other two realms, it will be a disaster. As a result, the attitude of the three realms towards the chaotic star field is also very ambiguous, and an internal agreement has been reached that the strong forces in the three realms are not allowed to enter the chaotic star field. And some criminals, if they can escape to the chaotic star field smoothly, digital signage screen ,touch screen digital signage, will be left to their own devices. Of course, the ruler in the chaotic star field also agreed to the three realms. If a fugitive dares to leave the chaotic star field, he will be removed from the protection of the chaotic star field and will no longer be bound by the regulations. It is such a special place that makes all kinds of forces in the three realms occasionally go in to handle affairs, but it is not good to send out the strong in the period of integration. What's more, although the Bloody Tusk Organization has some interest in the abandoned mind-snatching breeding base, it never thought that there would be such a rich resource of Chaos Reiki left in the original unremarkable mind-snatching base. Otherwise, in today's era when the three realms are increasingly short of chaotic aura, in the face of such rich chaotic resources, even if they are desperate and violate the agreement, they will take the risk of sending out the strong in the period of integration. In fact, also want to blame the fangs of greed, if she had just entered this chaotic space, after discovering a large number of chaotic Reiki resources, immediately returned to report at this time. Not to say, the organization will send a stronger master to deal with, and will not end up like this. That venomous tooth, is really artificial money to die, get to the end, in vain cheap thunder. Two spatial coordinates were obtained, and the information was vaguely integrated from the primordial spirit of the fangs. Thunder, of course, can not be taken lightly, one is to speed up the pace and continue to search for scattered natural chaotic crystals. The second is to begin to arrange a large area of chaotic gathering array regardless of cost, in order to collect chaotic aura and refine it into chaotic crystal. Although now this chaotic space, has been controlled in their own hands, but if those chaotic aura can not be condensed into a chaotic crystal, thunder in the heart uneasy. After entering this world from the beginning, Lei Dong has always paid attention to pocket for security, and what he eats in his mouth is his own. In addition, Thunder opened the exit to the abyss and sent his confidants to take over all the important people. For example, Lei Qing'er, Mochow, who was called a blood demon, and so on. At the same time, it also sent a batch of chaotic crystals for the use of ten thousand ghosts. Lei Dong has always known how to repay his gratitude, and if he hadn't been taken care of and supported by the ancestors of ten thousand ghosts. I can't say that I have already died in a corner. At the same time, Thunder has deployed a lot of defense at the space node leading to the so-called chaotic star field to prepare for a rainy day. God knows whether there will be such a strong person as Fang, who has found this forgotten place through the information of ancient books. Once the chaotic resources of this area are exposed, it can not be said that it will attract countless powerful wolves. Even if you are confident, you will never think that you are qualified to fight against the three realms with your capital. Not to mention the three realms, with the chaotic star field of the seven emperors, they can crush their little forces like ants. Admittedly, the potential of thunder under all kinds of inheritance is amazing and vigorous. But if we can't turn potential into strength, it's just empty after all. In the world, there are too many people with endless potential, who will be annihilated when they don't really grow up. Therefore, Lei Dong now pays special attention to improving his strength. With the support of Power Word, the Law of Annihilation,interactive kiosk price, the Law of Immortality, and so on, Thunder itself also has the ability to fight beyond the ranks. hsdtouch.com

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1980 Little Moon (end)