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All-round wizard Full-time Job

3 months ago   Legal & Consulting   Paoy Paet   117 views
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Qin Fang has no mind to make friends with the first son of West Shu, who let this person's evil value is a little high, although not to the extent of the evil camp, but it is almost the same, there are fields of evil value, killing may not be, but also absolutely did some very immoral things. That's nature! I'll go over and toast a few of you later. Miao Junfeng is not the kind of person who does not know the courtesy, naturally there is no reason to refuse, Qin Fang does not know the root, but he knows the identity of Qiao Zhenfei, with this, even if he is very unhappy Li Yang and Ai Nan, must also have a toast. Excuse me! Qin Fang nodded, then followed Li Yang, Ai Nan went to the private room together, did not look at the leaf fairy at all, immediately let such a beautiful woman very hurt. Of course, Qin Fang's performance is quite useful for Chu Yun Dong, his face is full of brilliant smiles, but also with their own incomparably plump and full friction with Qin Fang's arm, that loving eyes are about to drip water. Haha, it's so cool to see Miao Junfeng's shriveled appearance! Damn, if it weren't for the uncle of a deputy, I would have wanted to spit on his face long ago! As soon as he entered the private room and closed the door, Li Yang could not help laughing. As a soldier, originally is the kind of straight temper, want to say, want to scold! It's just that they really don't take advantage of Miao Junfeng, so they don't tear their faces directly, but the degree of disharmony is even worse than that of him and Ai Nan. Yes, yes! Miao Junfeng is a bird. He really regards himself as the first brother of Xishu! Ai Nan is also very rare to stand on the same front with Li Yang, no way, who let Miao Junfeng despise Li Yang at the same time, even he also despised it. Come on, are you pointing at Sang and scolding Feng? Qiao Zhenfei is crooked mouth laugh way, immediately let everyone is a consternation, then all burst out laughing. Brother Fei, don't say that! Who doesn't know that you are the most low-key, "which is like that guy, dragging like two hundred and fifty thousand or eighty thousand, a look that needs to be beaten!" Li Yang naturally knew that Qiao Zhenfei was joking, and immediately flattered him. But then again, he Miao Junfeng is really lucky, the female companion around him is really like a fairy, that is, brother I can not help looking at the heart! Damn, it's really a flower stuck in the cow dung. Brother Fei, why don't you go and pick up his girl! Mention Miao Junfeng, naturally it is impossible to ignore his side of the flower fairy Ye Huan, such a woman is doomed to go where must be the focus of the figure. He Li Yang is the status is not low, but with Miao Junfeng rob a woman, he asked himself or a little bit worse, really want to go out, beam impact tubes ,cold drawn tubes, not necessarily to make any disputes. But Qiao Zhenfei is different, his status is not a little bit better than Miao Junfeng, it is a problem for him to make a move, Miao Junfeng dare not even show his teeth, unless he does not want to continue to mix. Don't look for me! Picking up girls is not my strong point. Qiao Zhenfei immediately shook his head and refused to say that he was not very interested in women, not to mention that he already had a wife at home, and he was not keen on this kind of thing, even if Ye Huan was really perfect. Refuse to refuse, but it happened that when he spoke, he actually turned his eyes to Qin Fang's body, that eye. Suddenly let Li Yang, Ai Nan two people, even Xiao Jiu they are can not help but look over. There is no doubt that in their hearts, the first master of picking up girls is none other than Qin Fang, they are the kind of flattery can not catch up! "What are you looking at me for?" Feeling so many pairs of eyes, Qin Fang immediately could not help but raise his middle finger to them, mercilessly contemptuous way. Brother, brother supports you and steals his girl! Li Yang and Qiao Zhenfei looked at each other and immediately said at the same time that Ai Nan was still a little uncomfortable, but at the thought of attacking Miao Junfeng's arrogance, he immediately echoed. Qin Shao, we support you! As for Xiao Jiu, not to mention them, they are simply a fun, they are not up to the level of Miao Junfeng, but it does not prevent them from adding "chaos" to Miao Junfeng. I know you too! Pick up his girl! Even Chu Yundong, who had been jealous, could not help laughing, and it could be seen that they were all stimulated by Miao Junfeng. Shit! What kind of people are you! Don't even think about it. Do you know who that woman is? Qin Fang is repeatedly raised his middle finger, he is now unable to leave that woman better and better, how can he also take the initiative to pick her up, not to mention, Qin Fang is not a master of picking up girls at all! "Ghost.." Who is that woman? This is the reaction to come over, in addition to know Miao Junfeng's female companion surnamed Ye, the other they do not seem to be clear, the reason for the noise is also because of Miao Junfeng uncomfortable, plus Qin Fang and this woman seems to know. And in fact.. Chu Yun Dong is very clear, Qin Fang has not seen this woman before this, is she also only vaguely guessed this woman's identity, is not very sure. Brother Fei, Brother Li, do you remember what happened yesterday? Qin Fang said with a wry smile. Yesterday's thing "yesterday's thing, that woman surnamed cow", can say? " Qiao Zhenfei and Li Yang are one Leng, immediately recalled last night that gambling game, with Qin Fang gambling life is not a surname Ye? "Yes, this woman is Ye Huan, the sister of Ye Ming who lost to me yesterday!" Qin Fang took a breath, which explained the true identity of Ye Huan, "and this woman is also ranked second in Tiannan Sixiu!" "Tiannan Sixiu?" Hearing such a name, most people are slightly stupefied, their eyes are full of doubts, they are not martial arts people, naturally do not know this. Only two people know the meaning of this name, one is Chu Yunying, the other is Qiao Zhenfei. Damn it, you're poking a big withered son. ” The more I know the identity of this woman,impact beam tubes, the more I understand the meaning of Qin Fang's gambling game last night, this is really a big mess, Qiao Zhenfei can not help but exclaim. cbiesautomotive.com

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