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A man of sin. Full-time Job

3 months ago   Legal & Consulting   Battambang   129 views
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Of course, my grandfather, my father, I, you, our family is very emotional, no one is rational, we will never abandon their feelings, we all think that feelings are more important than anything else! Otherwise, Grandpa would not have chosen to leave at the peak of his life. My father has always been unhappy with me and scolded me as a rebellious son since I was a child. But I know he loves me very much. He just doesn't know how to express it. If it weren't for him, I wouldn't have such achievements now! The outcrop was strongly opposed to my marriage to Liu Ge, and finally he saw that it was really impossible to influence me, so he simply let the family go and took his mother to the country of waves! I ah, hum, stop me and stream song, then I also run away from home! Let's see what these people do! Speaking of this, his face was full of energy. You can't do that by analogy! Old man,Magnesium Nitrate Fertilizer, this will kill you! The inner wheel dragon said helplessly. Don't you have it? My analogy is not wrong! "Always don't fix it!"! To do this to your son! "Oh, son, when I and Axi also came over like this, my old man was more excessive than me, even beat Axi half to death!"! You are so light! I almost died at that time. All right, take a rest, and when you are well,diammonium phosphate fertilizer, I have something good for you! "Old man, I've been lying here for a week, and I should have spent a lot of money." "Not much. Your daily medical expenses are only one hundred million yuan, just seven days. Son, don't mention money in front of me. Who are you? You are the child of Liuge and me. Even if you are one billion yuan a day, I won't frown. Your life is more precious than anything else!" Neilun Haoshu touched Neilun Longyi's head and said. Hearing that he had spent so much money these days, Neilun Longyi didn't care very much. He had been used to it. Money was a number for his family. The money was a drop in the bucket for his family. The main income of his family was not the reward for the task. How much was that. Most of his family's income comes from family-controlled industries and a large number of securities, of course, which are managed by his mother Shuiwuyueliuge. The scale of these industries is very large, otherwise they would not have such profits, such as hotels and restaurants all over the country of water, which can also be used to find out information. Three banks set up together with the daimyo of the country of water (since there is money in the Hokage, Magnesium Oxide MgO ,dap diammonium phosphate, there must be banks), two insurance companies, the Caddo Transportation Company, which has substantially monopolized the shipping industry of the country of water, many arsenals in the country of craftsmen have his family's shares, and nearly half of the casinos in Short Book City. As well as the largest civilian pharmaceutical company, June Pharmaceutical, where his mother was also the president and chairman of the board of directors. In addition to June Pharmaceutical, these industries were all created by his grandfather, whom he had never met. Although his grandfather was very strong, and the three generations of Hokage of his time had become the top two, what he was most proficient in was financial management. He knew that all eggs could not be put in one basket. That's why he infiltrated into all kinds of industries. He was involved in almost all the profitable industries. He also tied the name of the country of water to the family's chariot and let the name of the country of water escort the family's industry. His family also had many businesses that could not be put on the table, such as buying and selling by force, unfair competition, smuggling, and using Caddo to sell contraband. This inner wheel family is said to be a ninja family, rather than a Mafia family with strong organization, powerful strength and strong backstage. That is to say, his father is not only the patriarch of the family, but also the godfather of the evil forces. So, old man, when you avoid my ice Fen Shen self-explosion, Amaterasu and many other ninjutsu should be used for time stagnation! "Yes, the ratio of time passing between you and me at that time was one to ten. I passed one second here, and you passed ten seconds there!" "What a pervert!" As Neilunlongyi said, one second is too long for a master, not to mention that Neilunhaoshu can use one second as ten seconds. "That is, time Ninjutsu is more terrible and rarer than space Ninjutsu!"! Can be said to be the strongest Ninjutsu! This is the only one in the world that has no other branches! At that time, the so-called golden flash wave wind water gate was defeated by my ninjutsu. He appeared behind me from the space crack. Unfortunately, at that time, the ratio of time passing between me and him was one to one hundred. This period of time was enough to do anything. I slowly turned around and pinched his neck.. The inner wheel dragon can not help but be shocked, this is really too terrible, you passed a hundred seconds, others only passed a second, the other side is completely visible but completely unable to respond ah, Uchiha Madara's body nihility is really fierce, but compared with his father's time stagnation, it is not worth mentioning. His father could have taken advantage of the asynchrony of the passage of time to kill Uchiha Madara before he used it. Stop talking and have a good rest! See the inner wheel dragon one also want to say, the inner wheel Haoshu stopped the inner wheel dragon one left. Text 101 Otaku's sense of responsibility After opening the kaleidoscope writing wheel eye, the main task of the inner wheel dragon is to restore his body. After all,Magnesium Oxide price, as the heir of the family, if something goes wrong with him, it will shake the root of the family. The fundamental reason why his inner wheel clan can maintain their position is that their patriarch is invincible and powerful. stargrace-magnesite.com

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A man of sin.