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Peak of reincarnation Full-time Job

1 year ago   Logistics & Driver   Paoy Paet   705 views
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Visible to the naked eye, a brilliant sword light, like a long river, the sea of stars hit the air, the moment will be submerged by strange beasts! The sound of the whoosh broke through the air, and the terrible giant swords tore out the dense distortion cracks in the space. In addition to the nine golden chains firmly holding the tail in the face of the wall, where the monster is, it is clear that a large black void has been temporarily cut out! "Roar!"! Roar! Roar! The monster began to roar and roar, not knowing whether it was painful or purely venting. Roar! Roar! Son of a bitch, get me out of here! You bastards, wait until Lao Zu comes back! You're all going to die! They're all going to die!!! Swearing, name-calling, foul language. It can be seen that the monster does not feel good, at least the pain of the flesh eats a lot. Only the attitude of not putting the heavens in the eyes, but it seems too arrogant. There are people outside the world, and there are days outside the sky. Even Chu Xiang did not dare to kill Heaven directly and use the artifact of the three realms. This monster, however, is more insolent than a certain monkey in the legend, and it is no wonder that he has to suffer so much. The flames kept burning, the air around them was getting colder and colder, and even in midair, far from the sea of fire, Chu Xiang felt that the surface of his body was about to condense into a layer of ice crystals. Every time the monster spits out a stench of gray, corrosive power, the nearby purple flames immediately seem to replenish their nourishment and erupt,plastic packaging tube, purifying all the impurities in the air and making it very refreshing. The monster, who was born to live in the nether world, did not adapt to such changes and roared. Compared with the infinite power, the "Jingjin Qi" and "Xiaoxinghai Sword Array" which can not break the body surface defense at all. The change of the living environment of the "nest" makes the monster more difficult to let go. Suffer the pain of the flesh, suffer also just. But the rich atmosphere here is the result of his "quiet" and hard work for a hundred years! Who expected a careless move, struggling too much, all the efforts of a hundred years in vain! A hundred years is not long, but it is really not long for the immortal. But if you are locked up in a place of death for a hundred years, then you are immortal,empty lotion tubes, and unless you reach the realm of immortals, you will go crazy! Monster, very strong. But not yet a complete God! Those pure gold gas, as if do not want the capital like spitting from the mountain of knives! Looking carefully, the 365 huge mountains of knives were all cast with the essence of Gengjin! Luxury! What a luxury! If Chu Xiang was still like that, he would have taken away all the more than three hundred mountains of Gengjin, regardless of the consequences. Also do not know who is the cloth array, such as the five elements of congenital materials, become even cheaper than the soil lumps. Formation is not fine, perfect. The only advantage is that the force is strong enough, strong enough, is a completely overloaded pile driver! Chu Xiang in the side of the silent appreciation, both misfortune and misfortune, but also did not give birth to pity. He has the ability to make the monster suffer more, and he has the ability to stop the battle early. But why does he want to do this? Carefully study the seemingly rough sword array, a trace of analysis. In his right hand, the palm of the illusory map of mountains and rivers, cosmetic tube packaging ,metal cosmetic tubes, as if also followed by 365 points of light … Ten years, a whole decade. Chu Xiang did not know how long he had been outside. But his station, the fault space, a whole decade has passed! In the first year, Chu Xiang thoroughly studied the Little Star Sea Sword Array, and even traced back to restore and deduce the complete Star Sea Sword Array. A name does not pass the array, so that as a God, he deduced bursts of a year, we can see how mysterious to what extent. This year, the fault space echoed with the curse of the strange beast every day. When it tried to chat up Chu Xiang one day but failed, Chu Xiang's ancestors also became the object of strange beast cursing. Poor, even Chu Xiang himself is not clear, who is the ancestor in the end. In the second year, Chu Xiang began to analyze the purple flame, which he was not very interested in. Purple. It's supposed to be nether fire. But this, however, is not. His right hand gradually materialized the map of mountains and rivers, white purple, purple white, and finally in addition to the new 365 points of light slightly covered with a layer of purple, has not changed. This year, the strange beast cursed, still did not stop. It's just that some great names are getting less and less, and someone is appearing more often … In the third year, Chu Xiang began to close his eyes and meditate. The shuttle of time and space has been thoroughly refined into the body, becoming one of the infinite spaces-the only most perfect and unstable space. He has never been able to resolve the secret of the time shuttle. Year four, year five.. The angry voice of the strange beast disappeared, and it stared, as if two small suns were shining on Chu Xiang. As it has not moved for a long time, it is getting colder and colder around Canada. The water vapor, which had been washed away and was not much, all gathered around Chu Xiang, forming a column-shaped ice sculpture-a very obscene column-shaped. However, this is a work formed after a beast deliberately urges spiritual power and controls the direction of water vapor. Quite a nasty taste.. In the tenth year, the sky was clear, except that the sky was still gray, and the fault space was finally no longer the doomsday scene of the collapse of the sky. The strange beast had already begun to doze in the same place, and had been sleeping for several years. But at this time, in that already could not see the shape of the icicle, Chu Xiang opened his eyes. ……… A moment, just a moment. The power of Chu Ying's soul suddenly broke out, but when it was about to break out of the body, it was forcibly suppressed back. The sudden change of power control made him feel uncomfortable and want to vomit blood. The fighting power of the ten pavilions themselves, at least went to one and a half pavilions! He loosened his clenched fists and breathed quietly. "Liner!"! Liner! Li Qingyou's gentle and anxious voice came from far away, and Lin Xun and Ying Mo frowned at the same time. The former is unhappy, while the latter is unlucky. But whether it is for the sake of the couple's feelings for many years, or just for the sake of the former conferring of a title, it is impossible for both of them to ignore the future. Moreover, Lin Xun just did not like his wife in front of outsiders, lost face, plus missed a "verification" opportunity. In the heart is really loves the charming wife, also not good pulls down the face to criticize. But see that Li Qingyou trot, followed by several panting servant girls. Seeing the tense atmosphere in the garden and hearing Lin Xun's roar, Li Qingyou, who came in a hurry,plastic cosmetic tubes, did not know the whole story. With a sigh of relief in his heart, Li Qingyou made a whole oath, and Ying Ying turned to Ying Mo to see the ceremony. emptycosmetictubes.com

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