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King of Korean entertainment Full-time Job

1 year ago   Hotel & Restaurant   Paoy Paet   349 views
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"Then, the mascot of the love letter program, six, seven, eight!" Jiang Hudong never forgets to do funny things. Six, seven, eight, what do you mean? "I also have a name, my name is also very nice." I don't want to. When I introduce others, I not only have a name, but also add a powerful prefix in front of the name. How can they not only have no prefix, but also have no name. When did I fall into the company of Jin Zhongmin and Qian Mingxun. Of course, this is only for the effect of the program, the latter three have become comedians, Liu Jia (Jin Zhongmin), Qi De (brain), Ba Fu (Qian Mingxun). Then introduce the female guest. The introduction of the female guest is much more grand than that of the male guest. First, come out to the camera to make a small inner monologue, and then let the male guest vote for the first impression of the female guest. If it is in line with his ideal type, stand out. The female guest finally said the name of her favorite male guest to see if he stood up. This is not fair,pumpkin seed extract, "Jin Zhongmin said with grief and indignation," Hee-sung is here. What else can we do? " "Yes, we are all going to be green leaves," Qian Mingxun put on an expression of wanting to cry. "I just asked those female guests, and none of them didn't like Hee-sung." "The person is too handsome, there is no way," Xi Cheng touched his face and said proudly. Prince,jujube seed powder, how can you speak like this? "Jiang Hudong covered his forehead with a look of disbelief." What should I do? Hee-sung is a little curious, he finally groped for a sense of art, was directly rejected by this guy. Jiang Hudong seemed to be waiting for Xi Cheng's words. "Let me imitate it," he said with a cheerful smile. He coughed twice, his face was expressionless, his small eyes glanced faintly at the male guests, pulled the corners of his mouth, and then went straight to one side. People are confused by him. What does this mean. Lee Seung-ki's reaction was quite quick. He was stunned for a while and then giggled, "Brother Hudong is imitating Hee-sung's TV series and playing the prince." Only then did everyone understand and laugh. Kim Jong-min laughed and undermined him. "I don't look like a prince, but like a neuropathy." (To be continued). If you like this work, you are welcome to the starting point (.) To vote for recommendation, monthly ticket, your support is my greatest motivation. [Chapter 316 of the main text Pei Shiqi (for recommendation)] Hee-sung was teased, but earned a lot of scenes. www.dyzw8.com Next is the time for the female guests to play. When Park Soo-jin comes on, naringenin price ,ghana seed extract, don't stand out, "Choi Si-won said in a low voice beside Hee-sung.". Hee-sung did not dare to turn his head, still smiling at the camera, lips slightly open and close, "why?" "I stand out on the line," Choi Si-won this person is actually very overbearing, in other words, like to bully people, Hee-sung was often bullied by him when he was a child. This guy also has no confidence, Hee-sung snigger, "no." Do you want to die? The voices of the two men were so low that only Lee Seung-ki, who was standing on the other side of Hee-sung, could barely hear a little. He held back his laughter and raised his ears to continue eavesdropping. Why should I give it to you? You know, I like a little on my nose. "Hee-sung actually has no feelings for Park Soo-jin, but it doesn't prevent him from opposing Choi Si-won. What's more, Choi Si-won may not really like others, and it's estimated that it's just a little pleasing to the eye.". Lee Seung-ki almost laughed when he heard Hee-sung say that he liked a little on his nose. The photographer had to make a serious gesture to them. The first female guest to appear is Bada, the elder of Hee-sung and Choi Si-won in the same company. Na, if you think Bada is your ideal type, please stand out. "Jiang Hudong encouraged the male guests to move forward after Bada showed her lovely demeanor.". Hee-sung and Choi Si-won looked at each other, if no one stood up, then the two of them can only be duty-bound to the top, who let this beautiful sister is their own predecessors. The good news is that Bada is not an unloved child. Kim Jong-min, Chun Myung-hoon, brain, and Oh Se-hoon of the _ two group. The three stooges of love letters and Bada are very close friends. Natural to stand up, Kim jong-min also ran behind Bada a strong wacky, people feel very powerless, I'm afraid the eldest brother has long forgotten his identity as a member of Gao Yaotai. Then, Jiang Hudong asked Bada to tell his ideal type, of course, only for today's guests. Hee-sung had some regrets if the sister had said her name. And he did not stand up, I do not know if she will be sad. Fortunately, Bada has a good character, but there is no need to worry that she will teach herself a lesson. brain” Hee-sung breathed a sigh of relief. It's okay. If you choose the person who stands out, naturally everyone will be happy, and it can be regarded as a successful match in this link. No.2 Huang Jingyin, she chose Lee Seung-ki. Lee Seung-ki froze for a moment. It seemed that she did not expect to choose herself and hurried over to join the camp of those who stood out. Li Shengji, you go back to me. "Jiang Hudong hurriedly stopped the cheating behavior.". Li Shengji had to shrink back without tears, not knowing if the beauty would resent herself in her heart. Jiang Hudong continued to add insult to injury with a bad smile and said, "Huang Jingyin said.". Lee Seung-ki, I like you; Lee Seung-ki replied, "No, I don't like you.." "When did I say that?" Lee Seung-ki sweats. " Because it's not ideal. So he said he didn't even want to look at you. "Jiang Hudong finally stepped on one foot.". It artificially exaggerates the meaning of Lee Seung-ki's failure to stand up. Glancing at Huang Jingyin's bitter eyes,stesweet stevia, Li Shengji wanted to kneel down and apologize. Do you really want to stand behind Huang Jingyin? Jiang Hudong asked seriously. Yes, "Li Shengji has some lack of confidence. Jiang Hudong always likes to punish him when he has something to do, so that he falls into the trap unconsciously.". prius-biotech.com

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