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Fourth Master was tricked by Fujin again. Full-time Job

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Ruoyin frowned, as if the wounds were growing on her body. Yes, he was always angry that the fourth Master couldn't remember her. He was angry that he was close to Geng Anqian. But for love, she is still very devoted. Even though every time he made her angry, she always thought angrily, "Hum, don't talk to him anymore.". But when I woke up, I still loved him. At this point, you can deceive others, but you cannot deceive yourself. Even sometimes she didn't have to wake up at all, because she saw him in her dream. In the past, she always laughed at those women who were silly because they fell in love with the fourth Master so humble. Now she laughed at herself for being as worthless as they were. Originally, love a person is uncontrollable. Love is when you feel pain, but you can still face it directly and bravely. Did I let you in to stare at my skirt in a daze? The fourth Master gathered his skirt. Because it was just looking at the wound, Ruoyin calmly withdrew her eyes. She naturally took the juice and ointment beside her, as gently as she had applied it to him when he was injured. Then,plastic pallet box, while applying the medicine for him, she said lightly, "I can teach the Ministry of War to make more powerful artillery than Junggar, but I have one condition." Chapter 1513 of the main text [updated on September 15] I hate being threatened. "Say." Said the fourth Master with his eyes closed. You have to cooperate with me to cure the disease. "I'm just hurt." "I know, I mean the memory recovery thing." Some time ago, she thought about using psychotherapy to treat the fourth Master's amnesia. Yes,drum spill containment, there is a little effect, but there is no substantial effect. This feeling of having no bottom in my heart is too uncomfortable and too painful. Now, they have to try again with medication. It's just that the fourth Master, because he doesn't remember her, is more repelled and disgusted with her. If she gives him medication directly, he won't accept it. Only get his approval, get his absolute trust, and then give him medication. At present, it can only cater to their preferences. Now, the fourth Master was most concerned that the artillery was not as good as the Junggar tribe, so she tried to make better artillery than the Junggar tribe. There are ancient books about making artillery in the Qing Dynasty. Then she synthesized the more advanced knowledge of chemistry and scientific research that she had learned in her previous life. It shouldn't be a problem to make better artillery. "However, the fourth Master was silent.". When Ruoyin saw that the fourth Master was silent, plastic wheelie bins ,wholesale plastic pallet, he knew that the fourth Master might have misunderstood. He must have thought she was questioning his ability to govern after losing his memory, so she wanted him to recover his memory. So she explained softly, "Don't get me wrong, I have never doubted your ability to govern the country.". I just want to.. Want you to remember our past ” She had asked about it, and the artillery of Junggar was powerful. One cannon is equal to the power of several in the Qing Dynasty. Whether we can win in a tough battle, the factor of weapons accounts for 67%, and the strategy of soldiers and military advisers accounts for only 34%. Especially in the case of artillery, which was inferior to human firearms, it was not easy for the fourth Master to finally lead his troops to defend the city that Ce Ling had raided earlier. It's just that the loss is too heavy. These days, Ruoyin is just staying in Mulan's paddock. But the rumors outside also reached her ears. Those people said that the fourth Master's first expedition after he ascended the throne was such a failure. All his achievements in the three years after he ascended the throne were overthrown and erased at once. And gave him the name of a loser. He is the emperor and she is his queen. As far as she is concerned, when they talk about him, they are talking about her. If he is good, the people and ministers will respect her from the bottom of their hearts. If he is not good, they don't say anything on the surface. But the bottom of my heart is full of dissatisfaction. And, like many ordinary women, she doesn't want people to talk about her husband. She can say that he is a big pig and blame him for not remembering her. But no one else can. This feeling is more uncomfortable than what others say about her. Although she was still angry with him in her heart. But state affairs are state affairs. Personal feelings are personal feelings. The two should not be confused. Without tens of thousands of soldiers in the Qing Dynasty, he was already in a bad mood. If she is still pestering him and fighting with him, it is irrational. This time, she could not bear to be angry with him when he was most sad. I just want to get through the difficulties with him and move forward together. In love, sometimes you don't have to win or lose. Because sometimes, win the momentum, but lose the feelings. What if I say no? "Then you can pretend that I didn't say anything.". ” "I hate being threatened." "The same is true of my concubines, who hate being threatened." For a moment, the two men were deadlocked, and the room suddenly became quiet. After a long time, the fourth Master finally relented, "Well, as long as you can teach the Ministry of War to do it." "I have another request." Ruoyin cut the gauze with scissors and bandaged the wound for the fourth Master. Say "This is a little secret between us. Don't let anyone know except my concubine and you." Not many people know that she has medical skills. In fact, only the fourth Master really knew her medical skills. Because she doesn't do it herself every time. In this regard, Ruoyin does not want too many people to know about this matter. After the fourth Master paused, he gave a faint "hmm" and agreed. The matter was discussed, and Ruoyin said nothing more. He just quietly changed his dressing and bandaged his wound. This man, since he came back from the battlefield, has been served by slaves and royal doctors. Eating and resting every day is much better than in the battlefield. However, he is thinner. Why? Because the label of a loser is branded on him, even deeply in his heart. This kind of mental torture is far better than physical torture. And she did not want him to experience the loss of memory after being assassinated, and the initial recovery of the injury,plastic pallet bin, the result has been tortured by failure. Although she is a woman, she doesn't know what it's like to be a loser at the peak of power. But she was also suffering from mental torture because of his amnesia. Therefore, she can deeply understand the state of insomnia because of mental torture and lack of desire for tea and food. cnplasticpallet.com

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