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Zhe Tian _ Chen Dong _ txt Novel Paradise Full-time Job

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Ye Fan was elated and said, "You really dare to say that this is your baby."? Can you ask him if he is willing to recognize you? And look carefully, is this fairy source far older than your years of existence? In the Immortal Source, the child was staring at a pair of shining black eyes, muttering to Huntuo's luck: "Extra hot in the Gata pot!" "You see, you are calling me. This is my youngest son who was left outside in a moment of confusion when I was young. Today's meeting really makes me feel relieved and moved to cry." The Great Sage Huntuo said with a straight face and a straight heart. Can you have such a young son?! Ye Fan sneers, but he is not afraid to snatch, beckoned him to come over, want to use him to further determine the identity of the child. Huntuo Great Sage was a little hesitant. Although he was known as the God of decline, he was still afraid that Ye Fan, the God of killing, would give him something. If he threw the imperial weapon on him, it might be his own decline. He stood in the distance, listening to the discontented murmur of the divine child. It wasn't long before Huntuo's expression changed. The more he listened to the child's grunt, the more dignified his face became. "How can this language still exist in the world?" He said in a trembling voice? Impossible! Eventually, he could not bear the suffering in his heart, and after Ye Fan's approval, he found out a divine consciousness and observed the bright Sendai of the child. When those sacrificial sounds sounded, the Great Sage Huntuo's body trembled violently,hydraulic fitting supplier, and then, like a frightened old rabbit, he jumped thirty feet high and ran away. He panicked like a lost dog. That look was by no means artificial. Huntuo, isn't this your baby? Tell me why. Ye Fan chased after him with his child in his arms. It's none of my business. My baby has already ascended to heaven. This is not my descendant. It's clearly an ancestor! Huntuo is like an old rabbit running wildly, its peak crazy strength, such as wind and lightning, let Ye Fan chase a little hard. Tell me where it came from, or don't blame me for being rude. Ye Fan approached and threatened after. I advise you to send the little ancestor away quickly. Don't mess with him. There was an ancient royal family that was extinct before ancient times. The Great Sage Huntuo solemnly warned. Nonsense! Ye Fan scolded lightly. Two people escape a chase,stainless steel hydraulic fitting, unexpectedly came directly to the Jade Pool, is also Ye Fan's original goal. Without waiting for a report, the Great Sage Huntuo ran to the mountain gate with a whoosh and shouted at the top of his voice, "Hurry up and prepare for the West Imperial Pagoda. Here comes a big man. Sacrifice two vessels of God and send this child into the boundless universe. Otherwise, there will be a great disaster." To be continued. Chapter 1530 origin without beginning T See the full text of the first, please Baidu under t) crooked-crooked-book-library, high-speed full-text online reading! After reporting, Ye Fan and Huntuo entered the Jade Pool one after the other. Along the way, the Great Sage Huntuo did not want to provoke the child as if he had seen a ghost. According to legend, it is a taboo language, which has been recorded sporadically in the annals of ancient history and has long been lost. People who can speak this language are the victims of the world. Once upon a time, there was a big royal family that provoked such a group of people, fought for half a day, brass tube fitting ,needle valve manufacturer, bled like a river, and was wiped clean. The Great Sage Huntuo tells the truth. Later, he mentioned the sound of sacrifice and told Ye Fan clearly that there had been such a sound of sacrifice when the immortal emperor sat down, as well as the wailing of all the clans. But it was not as grand as the funeral sound recorded by the child in Sendai. His divine consciousness is like a vast ocean striking the sky, with the meaning of universal sorrow, reappearing through a child's knowledge of the sea, itself is enough to illustrate the problem. It looks like an ignorant child, but in fact it may be the oldest living ancestor. He may have changed. It's better not to provoke him. The Great Sage Huntuo usually looks like a light cloud and a light wind, declining wherever he goes, but today he looks like a self-declining man, with a face like a bitter melon. The safest way is to banish, activate the imperial vessel, and send it into the void like the funeral of the ancient emperor. Huntuo suggested. Even people like him have only seen some vague records in the ancient books, but they do not know exactly, only that kind of sacrificial sound and the people who speak that kind of language can not be provoked. Otherwise, it may be a great disaster. The undead emperor was buried with a similar sacrificial sound, and this child echoed even more grandly in Sendai. Ye Fan asked. "I know what you want to say, but there will always be people and things in this world that you don't expect. Don't delve into this child. Let go quickly." Huntuo said all this solemnly and got up to leave. Ye Fan is not embarrassed, and now there is no big conflict with this old man. The Jade Pool is still the same, with beautiful mountains and rivers, flowers and trees, and fallen petals. The fragrance assails the nostrils. The misty temple hangs on the cliff, the mist is hazy, the lakes are like pearls, and the towering ancient trees are swaying and shining. There are numerous scenic spots. Ye Fan once again saw the Jade Pool Saint, and now she has become the master of this inheritance. She is still elegant and beautiful. She is a peerless beauty who used to be called Anmiaoyi. The moon white long skirt drags very long behind her, she is graceful and graceful. Do not apply makeup, but can let all the beauties in the world lose their color. The eyebrows on the white face are curved, the eyes are clear, and there is a kind of smart and beautiful thing. Congratulations, brother Ye, on the ancient road of the invincible human race. She congratulated with a gentle smile. Ye Fan! Liu Yiyi also came, with smiles and tears on her face, and even more excited. An old friend from the other side of the starry sky is the closest person to her. In a magnificent palace, they talked for two hours. Described some of the experiences of these years, feeling the power of the years is infinite, a lot of things have happened. Ye Fan directly explained the purpose of his visit. He wanted to take a look at the Nine Orifices Fairy Stone, otherwise he would always feel uneasy. He opened his mouth and said, "I don't know what kind of defensive position you have. You should know that once she is born, she will probably be invincible in the world. Except for the existence in the forbidden zone, there will be no one to check and balance!" The Jade Pool Saint shook her head. "She is a child of our Jade Pool," he said. "She has been lecturing to her since she was ignorant. She has devoted a great deal of effort to her. Even a heart of stone has long been influenced. What's more, she is of one mind with the Jade Pool, so you can rest assured. She showed a hint of embarrassment. Tell Ye Fan tactfully,stainless steel tube fitting, need not worry, there are unspeakable secrets about this divine embryo Jade Pool, but promise that it will never become a scourge. chinaroke.com

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