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Then die in my arms-Nanshu Baicheng Full-time Job

1 year ago   Construction & Engineering   Samraong   303 views
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There is no doubt about everything after that. Duan Baiyan's whole body was hot, like a piece of hot metal, but the body in his arms was very soft, as if he could break it with his hand. He always has endless enthusiasm in this matter, when Jiang Zhuli is willing to cooperate with him, they exchange body temperature, he will also become gentle. The only change may be that his language requirements have developed day by day from "say love me", "call my husband", "praise me great" to.. "Quick, soften your voice and say twice more, 'Honey, you're so great. I love you so much. Don't stop.'" Jiang Zhuli: "…" Sore and weak through the whole body, she climbed on his shoulder, breathing fast to the neck, soft back tightly collapsed: "You … …" Where did you learn.. Whoo..! These coquettish, coquettish words. "You know too little about marriage." His senses were magnified, his hands and mouth were not idle at all, and he laughed solemnly in a low voice,ultrasonic metal welding, "I'm making up lessons for you." However, teacher Duan gave too many knowledge points at one time, and Jiang Zhuli could not stand it. The man was gentle with a force that would burn through her, her body was hot, and she was exhausted by the end. As soon as he lay down, he fished her into his arms again. When his body sticks up, Jiang Zhuli is about to cry: "I have to work tomorrow..." "Don't move you,ultrasonic spray nozzle, don't move you." He promised repeatedly, burying his head in her neck, and pressing the second half of the sentence very low, "I'll hold it." There was silence, her back pressed against his chest, and, one by one, she heard his heart beating violently. And then she passed out. The consequences of excess were obvious, and Jiang Zhuli was not in good spirits the next day. The next day is the weekend, the restaurant double rest, she used to take this time to do volunteer service, this rare to give themselves a holiday. She is going to attend the award of the spokesperson of the civilized city. The first time I heard of this award was several years ago, when Jiang Lianque went to receive it. Duan Baiyan took the initiative to help her find clothes. "At that time, ultrasonic dispersing machine ,ultrasonic emulsifying machine, I thought this thing was very stupid, but when it was your turn to get it, I didn't think so." Jiang Zhuli didn't quite hear what he said. She got up late and groaned with chagrin on her face. The ground was a mess, and she didn't even put on her clothes, so she jumped up and looked in the mirror: "Look at my black eye … …" It's all your fault! Squirrel girl has a slender waist. She jumps around like this. He is afraid that she will slip on the soles of her feet and fall down. Slow down. Duan Baiyan took the initiative to reach out to hold her, and took advantage of the situation to get a mouthful, "then you can sleep for a while." She did not take his words seriously, dodged the rutting Duan Dao, picked up the clothes that survived last night from the head of the bed: "Come back and sleep again." Will you take me to the award ceremony? "Of course." He said, "This is the duty of the husband." What are the duties of a wife? Until sitting in the meeting hall, Jiang Zhuli was still thinking about this problem in a daze. Medal ceremony is not long, there are seven or eight spokespersons, and she is absent-minded all the way. But there was an old anti-cancer doctor of traditional Chinese medicine who brought his wife to the scene. He said a lot with good reason, like doing propaganda and showing love. She was stunned. Duan Baiyan poked her and scratched her in the palm of her hand, whispering: "When we are old, I will take you to all the director awards to show your love." Jiang Zhuli was amused and his expression relaxed. The ceremony soon ended, Jiang Zhuli and Duan Baiyan were not in a hurry and wanted to wait for others to leave first. However, seeing that all the people in the meeting hall had finished, the two of them wandered slowly to the stairway entrance, where a large group of people gathered. Xie Mian stood upright and was surrounded by a group of reporters. You are only twelve years old. A radio reporter took the microphone and asked him, "You are still in elementary school, but you were named this year's spokesperson. Do you think you deserve this award?" Jiang Zhuli frowned. Although Xie Mian is young, the level of star volunteers is very high. This time, he was appraised as the spokesman of civilized cities, with his own news points. However, this statement is offensive, and the question should not be asked like this. She just wanted to come forward and was dragged by Duan Baiyan. She looked back and he nodded. "See what he says." Other reporters held their breath. I think we should. "Xie Mian is silent, neither humble nor pushy, neither slow nor slow." There are many volunteers in Mingli City. I am not the one who has volunteered the longest time, nor the one who has paid the most energy and money, but my mother and I have built a platform between volunteers and supporters. " "This platform is very important." His voice is clear, "With this platform, after I am named spokesperson, I can drive more people to pay attention to public welfare.". If they join in, they can help more people in need. A group of reporters were silent. Jiang Zhuli was a little surprised. Xie Mian is great. "When I was twelve years old, I couldn't think of saving the nation by a curve," she said in a small, heartfelt voice. Duan Baiyan rubbed her hands: "The next Princess Duan will definitely be smarter than him." Jiang Zhuli hesitated for a moment and then shook his head: "If it is my own child, it is better to be silly." It's too hard to live smart. It doesn't matter Duan Baiyan led her forward and said, "Everything is very attractive." Just as Jiang Zhuli was about to open his mouth, Xie Mian looked up and greeted her, "Sister Zhuli!" She raised her hand and was about to wave when a violent shock of dizziness came over her. "Bamboo Leek!" Before she fainted,ultrasonic dispersion machine, she heard him shout. Jiang Zhuli's coma was very short. Almost the next second Duan Baiyan pulled her, she woke up. I really just.. I just got dizzy. He carried her into the car with a calm face. She felt warm in her heart and was afraid that he was too worried. "You don't have to be so anxious." "That's to be checked, too." Duan Baiyan helped her buckle her seat belt. "Is there anything else uncomfortable for you?" Somewhere else? It's gone. "Think about it." “……” fycgsonic.com

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