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The landscape is picturesque Full-time Job

3 months ago   IT & Telecom   Paoy Paet   154 views
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Recently, she was in such a hurry that she felt a little uncomfortable. After that, she asked Tang Ye to prescribe a prescription to recuperate, and she felt much better. When Hua Wuduo was looking for Tang Ye to explain the reason and ask for a prescription, Tang Ye looked gloomy, and some grumpily threw the written prescription on the ground and asked her to pick it up by herself. He made it clear that he had never seen such an unfashionable illness, but Hua Wuduo felt in a good mood that following Tang Ye seemed to be not all bad, and that it was free to eat and drink. She never asked Tang Ye who was chasing him? Maybe he knew that there would be no answer even if he asked. She thought that since Tang Ye was related to the killer organization and was a famous poison king in Jianghu, it was normal for someone to want to kill him. She simply thought it was a vendetta in Jianghu, but she didn't know that the death of Li's uncle at the wedding of Fang and Li and the assassination of Li Kang were all related to Tang Ye, which also implicated her because of the mask. And why Tang night will appear in the vicinity of Luzhou, and why can easily see that she is sad for the sake of feelings, these things, originally some careless and the heart of the flower is not much and not much heart. Soon arrived at the capital, the flower is not much to eat the big steamed stuffed bun of the capital, that kind of long-lost taste makes her happy unceasingly, the smile is also more and more brilliant. Tang Ye was more and more unaccustomed to her recently, and when she smiled, she sulked. There was no other reason, because she always smiled when she ate, and he disliked her for eating too much. Hua Wuduo was very disdainful of this and argued, "Eating is the most important thing in life. Only by eating and drinking well, can life be the best." Tang Ye ignored her with a cold face. Flowers are not many, but they ignore him and eat as usual. Fortunately,side impact beams, Tang Ye has never been stingy without paying. She can eat all the way to the end. Gradually, Hua Wuduo found that it was not difficult to get along with Tang Ye. Although he always frowned when he looked at himself, he was not as indifferent as he used to be. Instead, he felt that he was more human. To tell the truth, he was not like a person before. He did not talk much, even if sometimes a word could make her choke to death on the spot, but after getting used to it, Hua Wuduo felt that everything could be adapted. Now that she had arrived in the capital, it seemed that there was something wrong with following Tang Ye. In particular,Precision steel tubes, she wanted to go back to Nanshu Academy to have a look, so she decided to go to find her son first. Now that she had made up her mind, she said four words to Tang Ye: "I'm leaving." Tang Ye looked into the distance, nodded, turned around and walked away in the street, without asking anything, not even a word of farewell. Hua Wuduo looked at Tang Ye's back in the street for a moment, then touched his nose and scratched his head, and turned to go to Daming Mansion to look for Childe. She thought as she walked that Tang Ye would not be glad that her trouble was finally willing to go by herself, thinking of this, her heart was really a little uncomfortable. How to say, they are suffering twice, can not see the truth, friendship should still be a little bit of it, spend not much to think, can not help but a little resentful. Thinking of going to see the childe, Hua Wuduo went to the street to buy a new dress. Although it was not gorgeous, precision welded tubes ,side impact beams, it fit her very well and made her more handsome. She changed into the Hua Wuduo mask she used in the Academy and came to Daming Mansion briskly. After a long time, back here, suddenly feeling. Daming mansion is still the same as before, think of the years when he was a bodyguard, trance has been separated for several years, in fact, otherwise, it is just a matter of spring. She is in the doorway nostalgic, see inside come out several people, at present that person Fengshen handsome, every move with a few wild and unruly, is not others, it is the childe. As soon as he went out, he happened to meet Hua Wuduo head-on. He was stunned. He opened his mouth and suddenly turned to Childe Qi beside him. "Have I seen a ghost?" He asked. Childe Qi shook his head affirmatively and nodded again. "Yes, no," he said. Yes or no? Childe Kui frowned, just as Hua Wuduo curled his lips with disdain, a man suddenly rushed over and hugged her tightly. The man rushed over so hard that he almost made Hua Wuduo fall on his back. It was Childe Yu who hugged her. With tears in his eyes, the emotional childe shook his shoulder excitedly and said, "Wuduo, Wuduo, where have you been?"? I missed you so much. The flower is not much to be shaken dizzy, but also hard to grin: "travel around ah, this is not back, come to see everyone.". ” Childe Yu wanted to hold her in his arms again, but was separated by the childe Zheng who came later. Childe Zheng coughed a few times and said to Childe Yu, "You can see clearly before you hold her." Childe language did not understand its meaning, looked at the flower carefully not much back: "It is not much right." Childe contend for a pair of helpless appearance, "not much is a daughter home, language, you overstep." "Ah.." Hearing this, Childe Yu was suddenly enlightened. As soon as he knocked on his forehead, he shouted, "I said that there seemed to be some difference." There were sighs all around. Hua Wuduo also echoed with a sigh, but his expression was smiling. Seeing that this group of people were gorgeously dressed and seemed to be about to go out, Hua Wuduo asked, "Where are you going?" As soon as this remark was made, Childe's face changed slightly. Childe Qi looked at her and hesitated to speak. The young man looked at her with a smile and replied, "Xiu is going to get married. We're going to watch the ceremony together." Childe Yu said in a careless way, "Wuduo is just in time. Come with us. Xiu has been thinking about you very much. He must be happy to see you." Hua Wuduo stared blankly at Childe Zheng, as if he had not heard the words of Childe Zheng and Childe. Childe Zheng was stunned by her, and looked at him without knowing why. Childe Kui sank his eyes, stepped forward a few steps to her side, and called out softly, "Not much." Hua Wuduo suddenly woke up with a start, suddenly felt black in front of his eyes, and some could not stand steadily. The childe approached a few minutes and supported her without leaving a trace. "How many miles did you drive to the capital to see us?" He asked with a smile? Are you tired? I'll take you in and rest first. She hung her head and clutched his skirt tightly. "Take me there," she whispered. At this time, Childe Qi also walked up to her, heard her words, looked at her with some concern, then looked at Childe Qi, gathered his eyes,side impact door beams, sighed. Childe's eyes flashed worry and whispered in Hua Wuduo's ear, "Some things can't be changed, but I will be by your side at any time." His hand clenched hers for a moment and then let go. Stranger from now on. cbiesautomotive.com

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