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The heart has the tiger to sniff the rose by green Full-time Job

1 year ago   Construction & Engineering   Samraong   365 views
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Jiang Chuan lit a cigarette and held it in his mouth. Then he stretched out his hand and roughly pulled the waistband off the waist of the black-haired young man with his back to him. At the same time, he said vaguely, "This doesn't make sense. You're not afraid of death. Are you still afraid of lingering on?" "I haven't wet my pants since I graduated from primary school. If it gets out, I won't have a face. But yuan Jinran, everyone is waiting for the black yuan Jinran. The news of my wet pants can be sold for 100,000 yuan. It's not good. Even if 50,000 wet pants can be sold on the Internet for 5,000 yuan, it adds up to 105,000 yuan. This is the last wealth in my life." The news that you wet your pants can be sold for 100,000 yuan? Yes, I suddenly feel your popularity now. When Jiang Chuan heard this, he was stunned. After thinking about it, he raised his hand to pat the black-haired young man's buttocks and told him to lift his buttocks. As a result, before his hand fell down, he suddenly saw a wet piece on his trousers. Finally, the man's palm turned and fell on his back. "Bang", loud, "Lift your buttocks." The brain of the person lying on the sofa has been hollowed out. At this moment, step by step, let the buttocks cooperate to lift the buttocks,outdoor palm trees, so at the moment he lifted the buttock, the man squatting behind him had successfully pulled down his wet pants-and then as decisively as throwing his jeans, threw the pants into the trash can again, "thump". Pants Armani. The head lying curled up on the sofa did not look back. Jiang Chuan: "…" "One hundred and five thousand won't buy a few." The curled head lying on the sofa continued without looking back. The man held out his hand, raised the edge of the brunette's underwear with one finger, glanced at the sign and said, "CK." "One hundred and five thousand can buy a lot of," lying on the sofa curled up head also did not look back to tremble leisurely way, "want to throw throw, anyway you can afford." When Jiang Chuan heard this, he said without hesitation, large ficus tree ,decorative palm trees, "You are the one who wet your pants. Why should I pay for it?" The person curled up on the sofa finally made no sound, and seemed to be completely immersed in the blow of the big truth that "the person who wets his pants is yourself"-in the process, Jiang Chuan started to take off the shirt he was wearing-accompanied by a little bit of the big shirt. A large area of white and delicate skin on the back of the black-haired young man also appeared little by little under the man's eyes. The corner of his eye jumped. At this time, he heard the voice of the man who was waiting for him to take off his clothes sounded again: "My urine flew up and splashed on my clothes." “……” | Jiang Chuan was silent, regardless of the fact that the big white shirt was being lifted back to cover the black-haired young man's head, he let go of his hand, glanced at the black-haired young man whose lower body was wearing only underwear and whose upper body was half bare, leaving only the shirt covering his head in a strange shape, and took down the cigarette in his mouth and took two hard puffs. Then I found my patience burning out: "Get up, take a shower, and you're going to lie here all night in your wet underwear?"? Aren't you afraid of the cold? My sofa is still dirty. The man lying on the sofa twitched twice at the heartless command. He twitched twice more. Just when Jiang Chuan wondered whether he was cold or hot or simply crying in a fragile way, he heard a muffled voice in his shirt: "Alcohol is on my head, my head is dizzy, and now I have no strength to move." Jiang Chuan: "…" Jing Ran: "Sober up tomorrow and then wash. I'll air dry here for a while." Air dry for a while.. Looks like he's still drunk. The man stood on the edge of the sofa and twitched his lips. At this time, Jingran's cell phone rang. He grabbed it and took a look and found that the caller was Mr. Broker. He answered the phone for Jingran without much thought. He was stunned when he heard Jiang Chuan's voice ringing on the phone. After half a month, he said slowly, "He said he wanted to go out for fun. Did he go with you?" Jiang Chuan considered for three seconds, and finally said: "No, I drank too much, and finally I didn't know how to run over.". ” Fang Yu said, "Oh, oh," twice: "He also knows your address. Are you all right now? He shouldn't be in a good mood tonight. I'm worried that he's drinking so much that the fifth master doesn't know the sixth master and he's in trouble outside. Now I'm thinking about whether to find someone to pick him up. I'm relieved that he's in your place. What's his situation now? Jiang Chuan turned his head and looked at the black-haired young man on the sofa whose clothes had been lifted up to cover his face and whose voice was probably asleep again. The man on the sofa turned over very cooperatively. So under the man's gaze, he imprinted a peach-shaped water mark on the cushion of the sofa with his wet underwear, which he claimed could be air-dried. This scene made the man's forehead blue. Taking a deep breath, the hand holding the phone tightened a little, and he lowered his voice and said to the obviously worried broker on the other side of the phone, "It's all right. I'm asleep now." After the words were spoken, Jiang Chuan was stupefied: "Tut, so he was also infected and learned to lie as if nothing had happened?"? Fang Yu: "Then you let him sleep, come to the company at seven o'clock tomorrow morning, and then we will go to Chuanna to see if there is any solution." Jiang Chuan: "How is the situation?" Fang Yu: "The draft has been written, and the newspaper reporter has also been contacted. Tomorrow, we will let Jinran send the draft to Weibo, and then hire the water army to forward it to all media platforms, leading the direction of public opinion first. Tonight,silk olive tree, there are also relevant responsible persons in Chuanna who call us. The situation is still optimistic. Although Mr. Li Rui doesn't understand those things, it's not that everyone doesn't understand.." But everything depends on tomorrow's good fortune. Let him have a good rest tonight. It's a tough battle to cheer up tomorrow. Jiang Chuan: "Oh." Fang Yu: "Now he must feel bad. If he does something terrible to you, you.." Don't smack your face. Jiang Chuan:.. All right hacartificialtree.com

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