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The Great Thor Full-time Job

1 year ago   Hotel & Restaurant   Paoy Paet   321 views
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Tang Lie smiled and said, "So your brother is a revolutionary?" "Not bad!"! I am the first detachment of the Chinese Revolutionary Party sent to the east of Shanghai, and our task is to kill the traitors. The designation he reported was the number of the Raytheon headquarters, and if his identity had not been falsely reported, then the order to kill would obviously have come from the Raytheon headquarters. Tang Lie almost called out the word impossible, but then held back, because Thor headquarters could not send someone to kill him, this guy's confession was a problem. Moreover, the first detachment in eastern Shanghai is only a peripheral organization of Raytheon headquarters, which is only responsible for intelligence gathering and some propaganda work, and does not engage in operations at all. This guy obviously has a problem, and after deep thinking, he also knows where the knot is. So Tang Lie sneered and said, "My friend, I know that your revolutionary party is very powerful. In order to avoid stimulating you too much, I have always kept a friendship.". But it's too difficult for you, and I haven't caught you, so I know you still won't let me go. OK! Since you don't talk about making lovers, is my surname Tang still afraid of you? I'll make a show from you first. "Tang,Coil Nail Making Machine, you running dog!" Cried the man with a stern look! Traitor! You have the guts to kill me, our comrades will not let you go. Tang Lie said with a sneer, "It's too easy to kill you. It's easier than killing an ant. I want you to make a sample to show people. So I have to keep you alive. But don't be happy. I'll make you regret living in this world." Tang Lie wanted to get people together, and he really had his way. Two hours later, Gao Shangqiu was carried out dying and placed at the gate of Hujiang University. His face was tattooed with the words "Revolutionary Party". Then his limbs were broken, and so broken that the best bonesetter could not reattach them. The punishment was too severe, but Gao Shangqiu did not stop at the gate of Shanghai University for long,Coil nail machine, and was quickly picked up, and his mouth could still speak. But what he said did not come back to the headquarters of the revolutionary party. But it also brought great trouble to those obedient people, who were a group of people headed by Cao Kun and the real core figures of the law enforcement department. After they heard the report, Cao Kun frowned and said, "It seems that Tang Lie is not a revolutionary party. Otherwise, why would he be so cruel to his comrades?" "Maybe after checking, he knew the true identity of Gao Shangqiu, so he repaired it without mercy?" A subordinate made a guess. But Cao Ming shook his head and said, "It's impossible. After he caught the man, he immediately began to interrogate him and deal with him. He didn't do any investigation at all.". And Gao Shangqiu's identity is not false, he is indeed a revolutionary party, but was secretly bribed by us to do our work, this is a secret, no one knows, Automatic nail machine ,Nail machine manufacturer, if he goes to verify, there will be no problem. The other said, "Maybe he really has no problem, and as he said, he was afraid of the influence of the revolutionary party, so he did a favor. Now he says he wants to deal with the revolutionary party. Let's see how he behaves." Things were decided in this way, and Tang Lie really began to grasp the revolutionary party. He arrested some revolutionaries who were usually extremely arrogant in their words and deeds in a short time, and after asking about the plot, they were all beaten up and then locked up. Even Cao Kun was afraid of being caught, because the implications were too great. In fact, there were too many people who sympathized with the revolution at that time, and the revolutionary party was already a formal political party, but it formed a government in the south to compete with the north. Some young people also talk about revolution all day long to catch up with the fashion. In fact, they have not yet made clear the meaning and theory of revolution? Tang Lie not only arrested fiercely, but also fiercely. Within three days, he arrested no less than 40 or 50 people in various places, and several serious cases were immediately executed by shooting. This made Cao Ming afraid. He rushed to Shanghai in the starry night and found Tang Lie. As soon as he met him, he said, "Brother Tang, you have been doing too much recently. If you go on like this, there may be a real revolution.". Eight army commanders came to complain that you had arrested their children, and that there were more division and regimental commanders, and that the chief wanted you to relax a little. ” Tang Lie said with a smile, "I didn't wrong them. They were all students. They took the lead in organizing the school. They put up slogans and shouted slogans everywhere to overthrow the warlords." Tsao Ming said with a wry smile, "It's like this everywhere. The chief is not angry with the students all the time in Peiping, but these young people are not real revolutionaries." Tang Lie said, "They have all been sworn into the revolutionary party. They have organization numbers and party cards. I have checked them all." "I know all about that. It's just to join in the fun. Young people love excitement and fashion, and they know nothing about real revolution. So the chief's intention is to warn them and let them go." Tang Lie said with a smile, "That's what I was going to do, and I was mainly showing off to the revolutionaries. I didn't provoke them. They actually sent someone out to assassinate me and called me a running dog and traitor. I'll show them." "So your brother is taking revenge. It's a big joke." "It's not a joke. They have sent a real person to contact and negotiate with me. It's a man surnamed Song, representing Mr. Huang Xing of Guangzhou." "What did you talk about?" Cao Ming became nervous again. Tang Liexiao smiled and said, "It's nothing. It's just to ask me to show mercy. Then he said that the last assassination was not at the behest of the superior headquarters of the revolutionary army, but the private action of that man.". He also said that the revolutionary army respected our local gangs very much, and many of their comrades were brothers in Hongmen. He was responsible for investigating the matter clearly. Now Cao Ming was nervous and said in a low voice, "Brother Tang, to be honest, the troops in my brother's hands are not absolutely reliable.". Had it not been for the support and heckling of foreigners, we would have collapsed long ago, and no one knows how long it would last. Why should we offend the southern government again? Just be careless? "Yes!"! I also think so, nothing more than a blow, they bowed their heads, I also intend to get better, now the director gave the order,Nail machine supplier, of course, I immediately comply with the release. Tang Lie was very straightforward, saying that he would release him the next day. 3shardware.com

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