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The gods have come Full-time Job

1 year ago   IT & Telecom   Paoy Paet   463 views
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Jin Ming looked at her in puzzlement and took a step closer to her. He put his arms around his chest and said with an expressionless face, "If I get close to you, will I cross the line?" "Yes." Fanyue gritted her teeth and replied, with anger rising into her heart: "Don't tease other people's hearts at will because you can't feel joy, anger, sorrow and joy without seven emotions and six desires.". Every time you come near, it bothers me very much. Lord Fengshen has never been so kind to her. Perhaps it was at the first sight, between life and death, that her heart stopped beating because of him and revived again under his gaze, so she was not careful and was fooled by her mind. But it shouldn't go on like this. Because it won't work out. Chapter 71 Phoenix Bathing in Fire (1). One morning, the gentle breeze and the moon disappeared, the sky was wide and the sun was in the sky. Nian Xiaoxiao's injury was more serious than the wind imagined, and it took him half a month to get better. These days, they lived in He'an Villa to help find the whereabouts of the Villa Leader's youngest daughter. The first message I didn't want to hear was the news of her death. The Villa Leader turned white overnight. Grief-stricken, he entrusted Feng to help find the murderer and bring him to justice. The wind did not expect things to develop like this, she knew the pain of losing the person she loved, so she agreed to the commission. The youngest daughter, Song Mianmian, was innocent and kind-hearted. She was a generous and decent lady. Because the Villa Leader did not agree to a marriage,secondary containment pallet, she eloped with her beloved and left. From then on, she disappeared. But the old Villa Leader has been waiting for her to come back. Over the past few years, he sought all the talented people, but could not find the whereabouts of Song Mianmian. For the last time, he found the wind. But I don't know that the people who are waiting will never come back. I'll go with you to the funeral tomorrow. Nian Xiaoxiao wrapped the gauze on his arm, leaned against the edge of the bed, and shook his legs leisurely. The wind glanced at her and continued to wipe his sword. In my opinion,drum spill pallet, forget it. You can rest. "What if I don't?" "Then I'll help you find a crutch." Nian Xiaoxiao looked at her in silence, and when she looked back, her expression was even worse. Wind, I'm not lame yet. Who are you cursing? Nian Xiaoxiao got up in an instant and waved his arm in front of the wind. "You see, my bones and muscles can hold out for at least another fifty years." The wind lifts the corner of the mouth to look back, the vision meets with her, in the eye immediately the streamer shakes: "On your arm's wound, looks like some years." It was at least three or five years, and the injury was very serious at that time. She subconsciously covered her arm and said in a low voice, "The wound of a few years ago always healed and then rotted. It can't be cured." "How to hurt-" wind ear root a soft, frowning curved eyebrows slightly loose. It was drawn by a dragon's claw. Nian Xiaoxiao's lips bent downward for a moment. She was stunned when she heard the sound, and her clear and calm eyes were confused for a moment. Dragon Claw, is it Mo Bai? Aware of her eyes, collapsible pallet bin ,plastic pallet manufacturer, Nian Xiaoxiao laughed and put down his sleeve: "Just as you think, I was hurt by Mo Bai." "But why would he-" she paused and asked no more. " He's the one who hurt me. Nian Xiaoxiao's eyes were moist for a moment, his eyes drooped, and he breathed a sigh of relief. "He was the one who saved my life." The wind closed his eyes and turned his hand over the scabbard and closed it on the sword. Love has no cause and effect, so why should she pretend to be a passer-by. I don't know how Lou Ze is recently. Who are you thinking about? Nian Xiaoxiao leaned close to her and fixed his eyes on the scabbard. "The breath of Fengshen is really unique in the world. It is clear and warm. Even a little more softness is afraid of polluting this breath." She put the sword on her waist and turned around behind Nian Xiaoxiao, except for the demon stick across the other side's neck, a series of actions to kill decisively, the breath is thin and cool. I thought I told you not to hit the scabbard. Nian Xiaoxiao smiled. Clamping the exorcism stick between his fingers, he moved it away. "It's just a joke. Why do you take it seriously every time?" "It had better be." She stopped and sat down on the bed. When he raised his eyebrows, there was a piercing chill in his eyes. The wind closes the eyes, luck regulates the breath, and stabilizes the mind. Somehow, for nearly half a month, she was always moody and even felt strange to herself. It's like another self, lurking in this body, waiting for an opportunity to come out. Top of the Nine Heavens. Lord Fengshen, my subordinates don't understand one thing. "Qiao Tian stood at Lou Ze's side and bowed respectfully." Since you have the exorcist. Why let her go again? You can keep her by your side, and it's not impossible for her to become an immortal. "She cannot become an immortal." Lou Ze turned to gather the wind, weaved a transparent mirror, and moved it to Qiao Tian. "You can see it at a glance." "This is.." Seeing the picture in the mirror, Qiao Tian was shocked and looked incredible. "Lord Fengshen, who on earth is she?" Song Mianmian's funeral is simple, and not with outsiders. On the day of the funeral, a strange figure appeared at the back of the procession-a suspicious man. After meeting the eyes of the wind, the man hid his tears and ran away. In a moment, Nian Xiaoxiao ran after him. The wind had no time to stop him, so he took a deep breath and followed him. The man's pace was very chaotic, and he had no sense of direction when he ran away. He was soon caught up by Nian Xiaoxiao, and his shoulder was held from behind. Seeing being caught up, the man panicked, hit his arm back, drew his sword and stabbed Nian Xiaoxiao. Nian Xiaoxiao's old wound was not healed. Suddenly, the sword came. She narrowed her eyes slightly and was about to call out the scepter, but she was stunned when she collided with the other's breath. This breath.. Why is it so strange. The moment the blade came, the wind came in the air, and the sword came out very quickly, knocking the sword out of the man's hand. Holding Nian Xiaoxiao, she pointed her sword at his throat. Her face sank and her voice was very low. "Say, who are you?" The man in white was pointed at her with a sword, and the white headband on his forehead fluttered in the wind. His expression was complicated, his voice was trembling, and he waved his hand. I'm yuan, Wu.. I didn't mean to hurt anyone,plastic pallet bins, but I couldn't help myself. Can't control yourself? The wind stared at him tightly, and his eyes never relaxed for a moment. Looking at his dress, he may also come to mourn. binpallet.com

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