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The disease is cured, the person is mad [wear quickly] Full-time Job

1 year ago   Construction & Engineering   Battambang   434 views
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"Bless you. My brother Chen is tall and mighty. He has such a good temper. You can choose him." Xiao Chen took the opportunity to drill out of the crowd, revealing a deep expression of merit and fame. It's not easy to make money. The boss is going to give him a raise this time no matter what! Jiang and Bai on the other side, after getting rid of Dong Shuyi, were tripped up by other people who came up to toast. As the leading actor and the representative of the Jiang family, if he doesn't even drink a toast from others, he may have some news on the hot search tomorrow. Jiang Jia is very good to him, and Director Wang is also very good to him. Jiang and Bai did not want to leave such a reputation, so they had to take the toast of these people one by one. By the time he came to Ji Yan at the end of the round, most of the dinner had passed. From just now to now, Ji Yan sat motionless on the sofa on the other side of the box and did not go to the table all the way. Jiang and Bai know why. Because if he doesn't help Ji Yan eat those things first, Ji Yan won't eat them. He only believes in Jiang and Bai. These seven words let Jiang and Bai finally calm down the mood and inexplicably boiling up. He walked over slowly and sat down beside Ji Yan. "Would you like to have a meal?" He asked. Ji Yan raised his head to look at him. His eyes were filled with a layer of mist. "What?" He said slowly. Jiang and Bai thought he was still angry and said it again patiently. Who knows Ji Yan and did not hear like, deep pupil staring at Jiang and white, after a few seconds, suddenly rushed to Jiang and white body hugged him. Jiang and Bai were startled and tried their best to break away from Ji Yan's hand. Their voices trembled a little: "Let me go quickly." Hearing this, the hand holding him not only did not let go, but tightened a few minutes, and was about to hold Jiang and Bai out of breath. The distance between the two people is not even a book,interactive whiteboards in the classroom, and they are close to each other. Jiang and Bai's heart beat faster and faster, their faces flushed and embarrassed, but they did not dare to make a loud noise because of the presence of outsiders, so as not to make everyone come to watch. Ji Yan leaned close to his ear, and the smell of alcohol from his breath sprayed on Jiang and Bai's ears, making his heart itch. "You ignore me,smartboards in classrooms," he said in an aggrieved tone. Only then did Jiang and Bai feel something was wrong. He turned his head slightly, and sure enough, he found several empty wine bottles scattered randomly on the tea table. Jiang and Bai silently counted, one, two. Boy, Ji Yan drank four bottles of wine alone. It would be strange if you were not drunk! "I didn't ignore you," Jiang and Bai coaxed in a good voice. Ji Yan's good-looking eyes stared straight at Jiang and Bai, accusing: "You have." "I didn't." Obviously, you ignored me first. Forget it. Why does he care so much about a drunk. Thinking of this, Jiang and Bai said in a gentle tone, "It's my fault. I ignore you. I apologize to our best actor and beg for your forgiveness.". Can you put me down before you speak? Who would have thought that when Ji Yan heard this, his hands, 4k smart board ,interactive whiteboard for schools, which had been unconsciously relaxed, clenched more tightly, pinching Jiang and Bai's clothes wrinkled. Like a child clinging to his favorite toy, he said stubbornly, "Don't let go.." "If you let go, you will leave me." His voice was getting smaller and smaller, and the last sentence of Jiang and Bai was hardly heard. He has some helplessness, continue to coax a way: "Ok, do not put do not put..." He has to find a way to send this big drunk back to the hotel first, so that he won't be delirious and talk nonsense later. When the time comes, they can contract the hot search for half a month, not to mention buying hot search to create traffic for the crew. He stood up in this posture, with a huge pendant hanging on his body, and moved slowly to Director Wang. The strange gesture of the two of them caught the attention of all the people in the box, and there was laughter everywhere they went. Yo, the relationship between the movie king of the season and Mr. Jiang has broken the ice. A few days ago, he looked like he was about to fight. How could he be so sticky after a meal? "Ha ha ha, don't tell me, this pose of you two is so funny that I want to take a picture to show your fans." The movie king of the season doesn't look right. Is he drunk. This is rare. The best actor has been in the entertainment circle for so many years. It's the first time I've heard that he's drunk. ” …… No matter what others said, Jiang and Bai finally dragged Ji Yan to Director Wang with difficulty. Director Wang, Ji Yan drank too much. I'll take him back first. Director Wang was also drunk. Without hearing clearly, he waved his hand and said, "Go. Remember to come to the set on time tomorrow." Jiang and Bai: "…" Director Wang, we have finished shooting tonight. Forget it. They're all drunks. I don't care about them. Jiang and Bai, with the help of Xiao Chen, put Ji Yan in the back seat. Xiao Chen went to the front to drive, while he sat in the back seat with Ji Yan to take care of him. But Ji Yan wine is not bad, in addition to the beginning asked Jiang and Bai a few words, the back has been obedient, did not speak more. Now they sat side by side in the back seat, and Ji Yan stared at him without blinking, his eyes burning. Jiang and Bai forcibly ignored this look and chatted with Xiao Chen in the front row. This place is not far from the hotel, just a few minutes away. After the two men worked together to carry Ji Yan to bed, Jiang and Bai let Xiao Chen go back to rest first. Xiao Chen said worriedly, "Brother Jiang, are you sure I don't have to stay to take care of Brother Ji tonight? How can you have the experience of taking care of a drunk?" Jiang and Bai:.. Don't look down on me. I have experience. Xiao Chen has some doubts: "Who have you taken care of?" Jiang and Bai, who were exposed, pushed Xiao Chen out with an expressionless face. As soon as he looked back, he found Ji Yan sitting on the bed,65 inch smart board, looking at him with a deep expression. Chapter 28 silent and suspicious anorexic movie king (28). 29 Jiang and Bai thought, is it sobering up? He unconsciously pinched the doorknob and pretended to be calm and shouted, "Ji Yan?" Ji Yan's eyes today made him a little panicked. hsdsmartboard.com

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1980 Little Moon (end)