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Reborn Sparrow Becomes Phoenix _ Pai Pai Novel Full-time Job

1 year ago   Hotel & Restaurant   Battambang   382 views
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Seeing this, even if no one explained to the starry night, the starry night also knew what was going on, because this semester's second year of high school opened evening self-study, many girls who went to school chose to live on campus, which made the girls' dormitory beds tense for a time. The starry night dormitory was six people living in three people, and now another one was arranged to come in. Originally three people all sleep in the lower berth, the upper berth is empty to put things, now more than one person, someone will sleep in the upper berth, it is reasonable to say that he and Jin Weiwei Jiang Yanan also lived at least a semester, her new person should go to three upper berths to pick one to sleep, but I do not know is the girl's opinion, or her mother too distressed daughter, came to want to occupy the bed of Jin Weiwei. They also really will pick, Jin Weiwei live in that bed inside, next to the heating in winter the warmest, hand can touch the window, from the desk is also one step away, is the best position in the whole dormitory, Jiang Yanan in her opposite worse than her, the worst is their own bed,PET bottle Mold, by the outside, usually someone to open the door, sleep at night to turn off the lights are this bed. Who let you close to it, the starry night at that time did not pick, after all, people come first to choose a better one, just like the next person can only sleep on the upper berth. It is also because of that good position, the new mother and daughter will see the bed at a glance, but also take Jin Weiwei's luggage to Jiang Yanan's upper berth,Blowing Filling Capping combiblock, this is to hope that their daughter's head does not sleep on it, after all, there is a person on the top of the head to turn over and get on and off the bed, the lower berth can feel. Such a thing is to happen in the starry night body will not depend on her, not to mention the eyes can not rub a little sand Jin Weiwei, naturally saw a quarrel. Jin Weiwei wants to pull up the bedding of that small dream, that small dream mother does not let, Jin Weiwei simply put his luggage on the bedding of small dream, people also sat on it. I've been sleeping in this bed for two years. Why do you take my place as soon as you come? Jin Weiwei said loudly. What, your seat? It's up to the first one. My luggage is all packed. That's my daughter's. Cried Xiao Meng's mother. Joke, how can you be unreasonable when you live in vain at such an old age? My luggage is on the bed. You put it on the upper berth for me. Who will take it first? That's what I took first! Jin Weiwei's mouth is naturally unforgiving. Get up, you rude girl. Xiao Meng's mother became angry from embarrassment and went up to pull Jin Weiwei sitting on the bed. Jin Weiwei naturally wouldn't let her succeed. She pushed her hand away and shouted, "You are so big and shameless. Do you want to hit someone? Do you dare to touch me?" Small dream mother is more angry, people want to rush up to tear Jin Weiwei, see bickering will be upgraded to start. Xiao Meng began to follow her mother. Occasionally, water bottling line ,water filling machine, when she saw what her mother said, she said softly, "Mom, don't say it." It didn't work at all. Now that her mother was going crazy, she hugged her mother's arm so hard that her mother wouldn't be too impulsive. " Mom, don't be impulsive. They are all my classmates. They will live with my daughter in the future. It's not good to make it too stiff. Xiao Meng analyzed the current situation for her mother. Small dream mother also react to come over, this is not the time to start, after all, he is an adult, the other side is just a student, this is to really fight up himself has become a bully child, also can not but consider for her daughter, after all, they have to live together every day, but today this Liang Zi has been formed, if you want not to let your daughter be bullied later, this matter can not be weak, This tone must be fought for, but also let the girl know that her daughter is backed by someone, can not be bullied. Then Xiao Meng's mother stopped quarreling. She glared at Jin Weiwei angrily and said loudly to her daughter, "You wait for me here. I'll go to find their director. We have paid so much sponsorship money. It's not for nothing. The director here is a good friend of your father. I asked him to arrange a good bed for you." "Mom, no, mom.." Xiao Meng finally did not stop her mother and watched her leave quickly. "Hum" Jin Weiwei looked at them contemptuously, she is not afraid of what school leaders, not to mention the relationship between their own family, originally this matter itself is reasonable, but also where they are not afraid, just go to find someone. Jin Weiwei impolitely threw Xiao Meng's bedding on the ground and opened her luggage. Xiao Meng did not speak, but carefully picked up her luggage and put it on the table. She did all this silently, which made people feel pitiful. Starry night at this time like Jiang Yanan learning, nothing to do with yourself, hanging high, not your own things you can manage, or do not interrupt the good. Hello, can I sit down? Xiao Meng said timidly to the starry night. The starry night looked up at the embarrassed little dream, and then looked at the angry Jin Weiwei, and Jiang Yanan, who was reading his own book, had to get up and say: "You sit down." Small dream carefully sat on the starry night bed, starry night slightly frowned, there are several chairs beside the desk, she did not sit but ran to sit on her own bed, it seems that there is something to say! "Are you the Luo people who abandoned me?"? I'm Li Xiaomeng from Class Two. I know your cousin Yu Jialuo. Xiao Meng said softly. Oh, you know me. Said the starry night. Li Xiaomeng smiled and said, "Of course I know you. Aren't you very good at singing and writing good articles?"? Our class all know that you are Yu Jialuo's cousin, but Yu Jialuo is proud of you! Starry night smiled, "I didn't think I was so famous." Li Xiaomeng pursed her lips and said in a low voice, "I also live in school because I have to study at night. My mother..". She doesn't trust me either. She had to come to help me pack. If I had insisted that she not come, this would not have happened. Starry night hum did not speak, these do not need to say to oneself,Beverage packing machine, if she really wants to solve this matter, should not come to oneself, but should go to Jin Weiwei to apologize. gzxilinear.com

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