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Princes of the Ming Dynasty Full-time Job

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That night, a pigeon was released from the imperial residence in Peiping. The pigeon flapped its wings a few times in the dark night sky and flew quietly in the direction of the capital. As soon as the commander gave the order, the Royal Guards, a huge state machine, quietly began to operate. Chapter 198 hand-to-hand combat. The wind blows and the grass is low, as far as the eye can see, the vast grassland is so vast and vast at any time. The wind blew across the flat grass, and the green waves rolled into the distance like waves, stretching forward until the end of the sky and the earth, gradually connecting with the blue sky. The cattle and sheep in the distance were eating the grass leisurely. The herdsman waved his whip behind them from time to time, throwing out a beautiful and crisp whip flower. The cattle and sheep out of the circle were slightly frightened. They ran a few steps in a hurry, and then bowed their heads and began to eat the grass. By the wooden fence, there was an old man with deep wrinkles and dark skin. He was wearing a slightly tattered Mongolian robe. His muddy eyes looked into the distance, as if a wise man was thinking about the true meaning of life, and as if he was recalling his ordinary life. His indifferent and calm expression revealed the wisdom and refinement that he had slowly acquired after the vicissitudes of life. Wind gently, blowing the old man's face, mixed with the fragrance of grass,grey marble slab, there are some grains of sand as fine as dust, slightly painful, but kind, this is the taste of home, born here, grew up here, died here. The old man played the horse-headed fiddle,white marble mosaic, weeping and complaining, accompanied by a deep and hoarse pastoral song, leisurely blown to the horizon by the wind, desolate with a bit of heroism, miserable with a bit of open-mindedness. Inside the fence, miles of white domed tents rustled in the wind, like stars, guarding a golden tent in the middle of the meadow, like loyal hounds guarding their masters. The gold tent was more than ten feet higher than the tent, and it was much bigger. The curtain of the tent was covered with a red carpet with purple lace. Outside the tent is an open grassland, a group of young men in robes are riding horses, galloping on the vast grassland, Calacatta Nano Glass ,Agate Stone Price, hoofbeats like thunder and rain, mixed with flying dust, galloping back and forth like wind and clouds. A group of Mongolian girls dressed in festival costumes held high food and sweet Kumiss, and passed through the middle of the meadow. The young men galloping on horseback suddenly became more and more excited. They laughed at their beloved girls. The speed of their horses was much faster in vain. They threw away their stirrups and stood upside down or hid in the horse's belly on the back of their galloping horses. They performed superb and dangerous horsemanship in front of the girls. His mouth was accompanied by a heroic whine. The girls lived up to the young man's expectations and smiled one after another. Their brown skin shone in the sunshine, and their silvery laughter spread all over the vast grassland. Today is the annual horse milk festival in Mongolia. Thousands of jubilant and noisy herdsmen of various tribes and Mongolian warriors gather together to play, eat, drink, wrestle and horse race wantonly. The whole grassland is like a sea of joy. The curtain of the golden tent in the middle of the grassland was lifted, and the deep horn echoed on the grassland like a sob. Three men came out of the golden tent, and at the front was a young man in a golden robe and a black felt hat with pearls. His face was thin and slightly pale, and his eyes seemed to contain infinite sadness. He was the favored son of this generation, the new emperor of the Northern yuan Dynasty, Kun Timur Khan. The two middle-aged men who followed Kun Timur, one of them wearing the same golden robe, with several thin and short braids on his bald head, looked rough and heroic, but from time to time a few gloomy eyes flashed through his small eyes. This man was the leader of the Qieerjisi tribe, Gui Lichi, who had once surrounded the city of Peiping and inadvertently solved the danger of Zhu Di being trapped in the capital. The man beside him was tall and slightly fat. He had a round belly and looked kind and honest, but his smile was somewhat unfathomable. Perhaps he was not as kind as he appeared to be. He was Arutai, the leader of the Asut tribe. Everyone familiar with him knew that Arutai was like a cunning and treacherous wolf. He can bite off the neck of the enemy and suck the blood of the enemy with a smile on his face. Qirgis and Asut are currently the two most powerful tribes on the Mongolian grasslands, and Gui Li Chi and Arutai are also the most loyal allies. After the death of the former emperor of the Northern yuan Dynasty, they jointly supported Kun Timur, the eldest son of Erleboke Khan, as the successor emperor. However, since the 21st year of Hongwu, Zhu yuanzhang sent General Lan Yu to the north. After Yu Yuerhai defeated the yuan army, the Golden Family became weaker and weaker, and the Mongolian tribes became independent one after another. Kun Timur, the current Emperor of the Northern yuan Dynasty, also became a puppet manipulated by Gui Lichi and Arutai. The puppet emperor is still the emperor. When the three of them stepped out of the golden tent, thousands of jubilant herdsmen suddenly quieted down. They stroked their chests with their right hands and bowed to Kun Timur. They shouted in unison: "Heaven has blessed the great Khan of the Mongols. May the sun shine on you forever." Kun Timur smiled and waved slowly to the saluting crowd. Ghost Li Chi, who was following him, gave a sarcastic smile with a slight curl at the corners of his mouth. Outside the tent, officials at all levels of the Northern yuan Dynasty, as well as tribal leaders and Mongolian nobles, also stroked their chests and saluted Kun Timur. Kun Timur saluted back and sat cross-legged on the red carpet first. The beautiful Mongolian girl held up the white Kumiss and all kinds of delicious food and put them on the red carpet. The officials and nobles respectfully proposed a toast to Kun Timur. With a smile, Gan Timur held his cup and said, "May God bless Mongolia forever. We are the descendants of Genghis Khan. We cross every corner of the world. No matter how strong the city is,Carrara Marble Slab, no matter how fierce the enemy is, we can't stop our progress. We and the great Genghis Khan are like the eternity of the sun, and will eventually be remembered by the world.." forustone.com

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