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Murder Scene 2 Full-time Job

1 year ago   Construction & Engineering   Samraong   356 views
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Niuniu shouted, "Ah, twenty-five thousand?"? Why don't they just rob a bank? What kind of club is Longbao? Even if there is Takeshi Kaneshiro inside, it can't be so expensive. Yang Yang stopped her: "Don't scream!"! As I said, the members inside are either rich or noble, and the rich don't care about the twenty or thirty thousand! "The question is, are we rich?" "We are people who aspire to become rich!" "Hey, Yang Yang, my salary is not enough to buy clothes and cosmetics for you. Do you want to force me to borrow money for you?"? Why is the cost of becoming a rich man so high? Yang Yang hugged her and vowed, "Cow, if you don't help me, who will?"! We have been in the same mother's stomach for so long, who is closest to you in the world except me! You wait, if I have money, I will buy two cars, one for you and one for me! Buy two houses, one for you and one for me! The gigolo raises two, one for you and one for me. "All right, all right, don't say it, you say it, how much do you need?" Yang Yang said with a bitter face, "I have all my money to buy new clothes, not a penny!" Niuniu fainted and said,Small Geared Motors, "It's all because of me!" Yang Yang pats bosom: "Cow, where can I let you be so embarrassed!"! I can get a card for half a year, and fifteen thousand yuan is enough! Believe me, I am so attractive, half a year is enough! Be sure to catch a top rich man! Dear friends, happy round eggs! It's so lively here. On the first day of opening, the collection is close to "Laughing Golden Lotus" (poor little Pan)! Thank you for your love! I hope you like Niuniu as much as you like Qingyang! That, after two days of Xiaopan classmate PK, please pass by the pro,Micro Gear Motor, have a vote to vote, ha ha, it is best to vote at the beginning of the month ha! Thank you, little 7! In return, little 7 will try to make more of the murder! Below is Xiaopan's link, I think it's a good story to be patient, 5555-thank you! Click to view the image link: Beauty and the Beast The fifth chapter is the beauty nest Yang Yang finally went to the Dragon Castle Club as she wished. Niuniu was in debt, and she had to live frugally for a long time! When Niuniu borrowed money from her good friend Mina, who talked about everything, Mina didn't understand: "Well, why didn't your sister borrow it herself?"? Isn't she in a big company? Fifteen thousand is still money! "Sheep is very face-saving, how can she open her mouth to her colleagues." "Tut, she wants to save face, so don't you?"? Niu, I'm not talking about you. You've been bullied by your sister since you were a child! Your sister is too smart to exploit your salary. "Shh, Mina, Gear Reduction Motor ,12v High Torque Motor, Yang Yang is my mother, and she loves me very much!"! If I don't help her, who will? The sheep must be strong. "Yes, last time I heard, she introduced herself to others as the daughter of a great professor, whose parents are abroad and whose family is rich.." Hey, she wants to hold up the name of this rich young lady, but you are bitter! If you ask me, your sister is really vain! Niuniu is angry: "Hey, Mina, I don't lend you ten thousand yuan, listen to you so much nonsense!"! Everyone's pursuit is different, the son is not a fish, the joy of the fish?! Yang Yang is my sister, and I will support her in whatever she does! Mina curled her lips. "You have to support her even if she kills people?!"! I think you are really stupid to the end. Okay, okay, I won't say it! Mina is the only daughter of a really wealthy family, she took out two clothes from the wardrobe: "Last time I bought clothes, I gave you two!" " Niuniu looked at her, some guilt and shame, Mina is the most considerate of her, the most understanding of her! She really shouldn't be angry with her. Niuniu blushed, "Mina, did you buy me clothes again?" Mina looked at her. "Poor.." Wearing this uniform all day, you are only twenty-two, youth is just right, how can you not have one or two beautiful clothes?! Niuniu eyes red: "I don't care about these..." Mina patted her face. "Baby, you don't care. I care!"! I am not your sister, go shopping with you, she is bright, my poor Niuniu like a little sidekick, old clothes and shoes in her side as a foil! I like you to be beautiful! Niuniu sighed, "Mina, you are good at everything. Why are you so hostile to my sister?"? If she had a way, wouldn't she want me to dress up a little? The money of the two of us adds up to only one beautiful person. Mina sighed, "Why isn't that you?"? Silly girl! I'm not hostile to your charming sister. I think she's always bullying you and she's angry! "Mina, you don't understand us. A lot of things are not what they seem." Mina smiled. "I know, I know!"! You love your sister so much, I have a question, if, I mean, if you, the police, catch the murderer and catch the sheep, do you cover up the crime for her, or do you destroy your relatives for the sake of justice?! Niuniu gave her a white look: "*** you!"! Crow's mouth! Yang Yang would never give me such a choice question! Mina shrugged her shoulders. Yang Yang was very depressed when he came back from his first trip to Longbao. Niuniu wondered, "What's the matter?"? You're crying to go, but you're not happy when you come back? Yang Yang threw himself on the bed and cried, "What!"! Kaizi didn't see one, but there was a whole nest of beauties! Niuniu couldn't help laughing: "Wow, a nest of beauties?" "Yes, now I suspect that the boss of Longbao made a gimmick to coax everyone to fall for it!" "Ah, how to coax?" "Let out a rumor that he can catch rich people there!" Niuniu is astonished: "Hey,High Torque 12v Dc Motor, the person that plans muddy water to touch loach is so much!" Yang Yang went a few more times and felt better when he came back: "Although there are few decent men there, there are many beautiful wives who have successfully married rich men!" Niu Niu is frightened greatly: "You are not to want to be the small three of their home?" Yang Yang gave her a white look: "*** you!"! My sheep also has self-respect. If I were willing to rob a man from another woman, I would have robbed him long ago. Do I have to wait until now?! ichgearmotor.com

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Three lives, three lives. Pillow book _ End of the first volume