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Ming-upper body Full-time Job

3 months ago   Hotel & Restaurant   Paoy Paet   121 views
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The red human form is also good and evil, the harm is big, but also can hurt the innocent person, moreover the lethality is formidable, if I cannot control her, she really destroyed the world? After thinking about it, I said, "If I give this bead to the leader, doesn't he want it?"? I don't need it, and I don't care about him. I just want the old ghost back. "You think too simply." Leng Mo poured a glass of water, walked back and handed it to me. His eyes were deep: "The leader knows the secret of me and Ye Ming. He must have some kind of purpose. If he sits back and does nothing, it's not the style of me and Ye Ming. But the other side will be very wary of us. Maybe it's a way to let you go." Ye Ming didn't speak. You were going to let me go! This time I understand the meaning of cold words, not angry, very excited to put the cup on the tea table: "You promised me to save the old ghost!" " Ye Ming Fu's forehead: "Alas, cold face paralysis is getting more and more sloppy now. I don't understand why we have to add that insignificant old ghost to our plan. Kill them directly, subdue them, and ask what we want to ask. Isn't that all right?" So just now when Leng Mo and Ye Ming were discussing the plan on the balcony, Leng Mo had already counted saving the old ghost in it. The reason why he asked me just now was to see my determination? Leng Mo was concerned about my feelings. Thank you I looked at Leng Mo and Ye Ming,aluminium coated steel tube, and for the first time, from the bottom of my heart, bowed deeply. Thank them for tolerating my willfulness all the way. Little girl, you've changed your mind. Night Ming is embarrassed, just now also opposed to save the old ghost, now do not say, face a little red,aluminium coated tubes, do not open the line of sight. I laughed and looked at Leng Mo with a smile. He was also looking at me, but instead of laughing, he looked serious. I also did not dare to laugh immediately, ask him: "How?" "Since the other side said that as long as you go alone, there will be obstacles on the road to test whether you are hiding, so on the way to Zhu Feng, you still have to go alone." Leng Mo's mind is mature and thoughtful, and his analysis is right. There will be problems on the way to Zhu Feng. I can't have an accident. I want to save the old ghost! "Is there any way to control the red human form now?" I asked. Leng Mo shook his head in silence. Ye Ming also shook his head: "The strange ghosts and gods in your body are very difficult to control. You must have strong soul power, strong willpower, strong ideas, and learn the method. But none of us knows the method. After all, you are the first example. You can only grope for it by yourself. However, whether the ghosts and gods can be controlled is a problem." "What then?"? How can I get to Zhu Feng? I want to live to Zhu Feng. If this problem is not solved, side impact door beams ,beam impact tubes, we still can't save the old ghost. Leng Mo pondered, he is our brain here, and we can only hope for him. As for Ye Ming, Ye Ming is just a foodie. Leng Mo went out to smoke and tried to find a way. I sat on the sofa, night Ming to tease me, let me not too depressed, I can not be happy, the old ghost of things heavy pressure in the heart, how can not relax. Passed a little while cold Mo to come back eventually, I jump immediately: "How?"? Have you thought of a way? "There is only one way." Cold Mo looked at me: "But the risk is still very big, little thing, are you sure you have to take the great risk of death to save the ghost?" "Of course." I answered him without thinking. When Leng Mo was smoking, I was also thinking about this question. I also wanted to live. I also hypnotized myself countless times. The old ghost was just a ghost, just an ordinary ghost. There was no need to save him at all. But, after all, you can't fool yourself. He's a ghost, but he's also my best friend. OK Leng Mo didn't say any more. He turned around and came back with a pen and paper. He drew a short map with a few strokes. He pointed to me and said, "If you want to go to Zhu Feng, you need to pass three places, Heping Village, Yudu and Children's Paradise City." I have a big head when I hear that. It's a well-known ghost town. Ye Ming added: "Although the ghost town is a publicity stunt to attract tourists, there are many evil spirits and monsters besides ghosts." I knew it. It's not that simple. "Plus the other side will set up checkpoints, maybe halfway will rob your beads, it will not be so easy for you to pass." Said Leng Mo, pointing to the last one on the map: "Especially this children's paradise city, very dangerous." "Children's Paradise City is dangerous?" I heard that this city is an amusement theme city, where the landscape is pleasant and full of childlike fun, many children do not want to come back, so it is called Children's Paradise City, which has been selected as the first beautiful city in China several times, how can it be the most dangerous? "You'll know when you go." Leng Mo did not say much, then followed the topic: "I will arrange the ghost to go with you in Heping Village and protect you by the way. You will know who the ghost is when you arrive." "Ghost job?" I looked at him doubtfully, "Didn't the leader say that I was the only one who could go? If a ghost was sent, wouldn't it be?" "A ghost is not a man." Night Ming replied: "The ghost is a special patrol that exists in the ghost world and the human world. If it is a ghost, the leader will not know. It is a good idea!"! Why didn't I think of that! "That's your brain." Leng Mo sneered at him. You're looking for a fight! The dark night stares at Leng Mo. I probably understand some, from the beginning of the mention of ghosts, Leng Mo said, ghosts are not people, not ghosts, not to mention belong to their underworld. Put the map away. Leng Mo wrapped up the map and gave it to me. I reached for it and carefully placed the map. He suddenly hugged me from behind. I froze. Don't be disgusting, okay? The night is very uncomfortable. Leng Mo didn't let go. I blushed and struggled slightly. He hugged me more tightly and put his chin on my left shoulder. The man's deep breathing was in my ear,Precision Welded pipes, and my heart stopped. Ye Ming knew he was a light bulb and jumped out of the window resentfully. Leng Mo hugged me so quietly. I was held by him and no longer resisted. For a long time "Don't get hurt again." He suddenly spoke in a low, hoarse voice. "I almost went crazy this week when you were in a coma, so don't torture me any more." cbiesautomotive.com

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