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Jewels Full-time Job

1 year ago   Hotel & Restaurant   Banlung   626 views
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As the organizer of the reception, Chairman Han of Haohan Group made a simple speech after the guests had basically arrived. Wine tasting and communication at the cocktail party, but there is no lack of dancing. Han Lu, as the only apple of Chairman Han's eye, is naturally the first choice for the opening dance. Her partner is of course her engaged fiance Wang Feng. Two people are not the first time to dance together, very smoothly completed the first dance, the next is the time for everyone to dance together. At this time, the sound of the music turned, the waltz appeared, and Gu Ming, who did not know where to go before, appeared on the dance floor again. Dancing with her was the man who took her away before, and the combination of two handsome men and beautiful women immediately attracted many people's attention. Moving forward, back and forth, the two of them moved very smoothly, emitting a sense of harmony from inside to outside, as if they were born to be together. In the dance floor, two people also became the focus of attention, we do not know Gu Ming but Gu Ming's male companion is more familiar, this person is also a senior figure in the vast group, known as the golden bachelor Xue Tianfei. I just didn't expect that Xue Tianfei, who has always been single,grey marble slab, would dance so intimately with a woman, and feel very in tune, which makes people guess that this beautiful woman is Xue Tianfei's girlfriend. Qin Sheng did not go to dance, he just looked unknown with a glass of champagne in his hand, standing quietly watching Gu Ming on the dance floor. As for Xue Tianfei. He certainly didn't miss it. No one knew what he was thinking until, at the end of the song, he looked up slightly, gulped down the champagne in his glass,white marble mosaic, and strode straight through the crowd. Tang Ming did not stand beside him like Qin Sheng. He also danced on the dance floor with a beautiful woman in his arms, and basically rotated around Gu Ming and Xue Tianfei. At the end of the song, he stepped in front of Gu Ming by virtue of his geographical advantage. With a smile on his face, he bowed slightly to Gu Ming: "Miss Gu, can you please.." But his words have not yet spoken, suddenly a figure flashed, the eyes of a flower, Gu Ming has been brought into the arms of the other side, leaving slightly bowed Tang Ming standing there alone. Chapter 204 forced kiss The person who pulled Gu Ming away was naturally Qin Sheng, who had been waiting for an opportunity for a long time. Without waiting for Gu Ming to react, the music came to mind again, and Gu Ming could only dance with Qin Sheng. This time it's not a waltz, it's a tango. Tango, a noble and elegant two-person dance, interweaves a magnificent time of intimate contact; rapid double spin dance, Calacatta Nano Glass ,Silver Travertine Slabs, hot air fills the air, and passionate and melancholy music plays. The song is "Por una cabeza", translated into Chinese is "one step" or "only one step", is a violin music with aristocratic flavor, which secretly hides some kind of alluring hint. Qin Sheng's right hand around Gu Ming's waist, Gu Ming's hand on Qin Sheng's hand, four eyes facing each other, but soon staggered the line of sight, two people move with the music. When dancing tango, the two sides are expressionless, focusing on the communication between the body, the two people are close to each other, the body touches each other, and the center of gravity shifts. The voice of the violin is high-pitched and restrained to lead the melody, the tone is cadenced but makes people feel very capable, and the melody is high-pitched with a trace of lingering, which makes the dancers on the dance floor immersed in it together. Gu Ming moved with the music. Although Qin Sheng hugged her waist tightly, she had the same noble pace and arrogant attitude as the tango music. She never relaxed when she should be tight, and she never missed when she should be relaxed. Every move was accompanied by the attitude of Qin Sheng as a partner, which made people unable to extricate themselves. This not only caters to the song itself but also expresses its own meaning perfectly. She and Qin Sheng, like the name of the song, are only one step away from breaking the window. Yes or no, it's between them. She can be reluctant or unfeeling, the most important thing is to see how the other side will react. The piano played a bright and bright rhythm, and the song began to climax. Every rotation with the rhythm, the deep breath before the rotation, seemed to be preparing for the next departure. They were not so much going to conquer the whole dance floor as they were going to conquer each other. This implies the desire to meet and refuse, the fierce collision between men and women not only did not reduce, but because of the arrival of the climax more soul-stirring. The skirt on Gu Ming's body is not the kind that swings with the wind as soon as she turns, but that she will be exposed if she is not careful. It fits her body tightly. When she shows her beautiful curves, it not only reduces the danger of exposure, but also does not limit her movements. When she dances, she is graceful and attractive. Tango is actually a kind of dance with strong sexual hints. The physical contact between men and women is the most direct and primitive. When Gu Ming lifted his feet and hooked Qin Sheng's feet, Qin Sheng's breath was in her ear, and the other's hands were always on his waist. The hands belonging to men seemed to contain endless heat, which was transmitted into her body through the thin material. Qin Sheng's right hand, touching the skin between Gu Ming's waist and back, touched gently with the change of movement, intentionally or unintentionally, as if with endless magic, attracting his hand not to leave. Left hand will hold Gu Ming's hand tightly, can not give birth to the idea of letting go, as if as long as he let go, the other side will go with the wind. Immersed in the dance music, the two men did not pay any attention to the people next to them, and they could not see each other except for the thick bosom and the body clinging to each other. At the end of a song, there are still endless songs in my mind, just like the name of the song, it seems that it is always one step away,Pietra Gray Marble, which makes people feel that they have not enjoyed themselves but have endless aftertaste. This time Qin Sheng did not give anyone the opportunity to come forward to invite, at the end of the music that moment, then pulled Gu Ming quickly left the dance floor. forustone.com

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