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I deliver takeout in the world by Krypton Gold Ou Huang Full-time Job

3 months ago   Hotel & Restaurant   Paoy Paet   296 views
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You should know that it is not a day's work to learn and practice martial arts. It takes decades of training to form a conditioned reflex! The so-called martial arts, from a biological point of view, is in the face of the moment of attack, the brain even has no time to react, the body has made a conditioned reflex! Made the response of the move, each move can automatically see the move! Even the brain, the body has formed a memory! From a biological point of view, it is the establishment of neuronal links! The establishment of neurons can not be completed overnight! The usual martial arts masters spend 20 years of hard training to build up incomplete! And Ye Chen only needs to load skills, that is, within 0.01 seconds, it will become a great master like Ip Man! In the splashing of golden light, these three energies transform Ye Chen's neurons. In less than a second, all three martial arts are integrated. Ye Chen has become a kungfu master of Ip Man, Yang Wulang and Hong Jinbao! Swords, spears and sticks are all proficient, fists, feet and legs, everything is super God! Open your eyes again, Ye Chen's suit is windless and automatic! Just like Zhang Tianzhi! Eyes burst out a burst of cold light like a sword,plastic pallet manufacturer, shooting ninety thousand miles! Ip Man's indifferent and domineering temperament was thoroughly integrated into Ye Chen's body, and Ye Chen stood with his hands on his back, as if he were a peerless master. Ye Chen smiled indifferently! I took a look at the mirror in the guest room and was almost overwhelmed by myself! This is so tnd handsome! Ye Chen was originally handsome, and at this moment, with the melancholy and indifferent temperament of the great master of Ip Man, just like the melancholy eyes of Liang Chaowei in the great master of the movie! Ye Chen stood there without speaking, a look can cause women to scream,euro plastic pallet, cause their worship and envy! Just one look can transform a normal woman into a female licking dog! This is the power of temperament and appearance! This is the power of beauty! Ye Chen smiled indifferently, and then packed up everything on his body! Then he went downstairs! You know, there's a competition going on downstairs! The whole upper class is waiting for Ye Chen to hit Zhao Ti in the face! At this moment, Ye Chen went downstairs indifferently! After all, Ye Chen crossed to do the world takeout, the time of the main world is not flowing, is frozen, so Ye Chen left the scene, that is, the time to go upstairs and downstairs, that is, less than a minute! In the upper class above the yachts, people are still in the same state as before! This luxurious yacht, has sailed to the high seas of the world, foldable bulk container ,plastic pallet supplier, has gone abroad, this place is the scope of many forces regardless! The sea is vast, surrounded by dark sky and sea, the sea in the middle of the night has a kind of black and blue silent charm! At this moment, on this yacht, the lights are bright and the wine is crisscrossed. This speedboat carries most of the upper class in the south of the Yangtze River, the reclusive family headed by the Su family, the modern family plutocrat headed by the Zhao family, and the elites and elites from all walks of life, all of which are gathered together! If the yacht capsized, it would be a tragedy like the Titanic in the last century, and all industries in the south of the Yangtze River would suffer heavy losses, just like the autumn wind sweeping leaves, and the economy would go backwards for decades! And at this point! The people of the upper class are looking at the direction of Ye Chen's upstairs with a shocked face! Could it be that Ye Chen really went to deliver takeout? "Did he pack the food and really go?" Everyone was confused, but at this time Ye Chen's figure flashed, and he came downstairs again! Suddenly everyone was shocked at the moment! How did Ye Chen just go downstairs, and the temperament of that moment changed completely? That's less than a minute! At this time, Ye Chen walked down the steps lightly with his hands behind his back and a stiff suit! A kind of temperament of the peerless master of Yuezhi, emanated from Ye Chen's body, and the temperament of the kungfu master swept the whole audience! Even at this time, the great master who is the successor of Ye Wen was shocked, and the pressing breath of Ye's successor has been completely suppressed by Ye Chen! Ye's face was covered with a circle, and at this time he was looking at Ye Chen in horror! Could it be that Ye Chen was just hiding his clumsiness? Although he just has infinite strength and speed, he doesn't have any martial arts or martial arts, but at the moment, Ye Chen is full of a great master's temperament! As if he were Ip Man alive! Descendants of the leaf at this time suddenly feel weak knees! This martial arts world master, at this moment unexpectedly has that moment, wants to kneel down to Ye Chen! He seemed to see the figure of his grandfather, Ip Man, from Ye Chen! You should know that when he was very young, he met Ip Man himself! At that time, although Ip Man was very old and he was a child himself, the temperament and image of Master Ip Man, as well as the teachings of that year, made his descendants unforgettable forever! Became his eternal treasured memory! Unexpectedly at this moment, looking at Ye Chen, he seemed to see Ip Man coming towards him in high spirits! I almost knelt down as soon as my legs were weak! Fortunately, a few disciples around him grabbed Ye's arm! Su Yan and Su Xiaoxiao, the two beauties of the Su family, also stared blankly at Ye Chen, but for a moment they seemed to see a star in general! The eyes of the two women brightened. What a handsome young master! Su Yanlong was shocked all over. At first, she thought that Ye Chen was a member of a small family. He was petty and became cannon fodder tonight, but unexpectedly! He,wholesale plastic pallet, unexpectedly, has such a bearing! As if I saw Ip Man in the movie! The squid's eyes shocked Su Yanlong all over! And the martial arts master Su Daqiang was also shocked! What's going on here? "Why does Ye Chen's temperament change when he goes upstairs?" "It has become a generation of masters of Chinese culture!" "What transformation is this!?" At this moment that Zhao Ti looked at the direction of Ye Chen, eyes flashed a trace of surprise! But the corners of the mouth quickly flashed a trace of disdain! What are you pretending to be? "I thought you were acting in a movie. I thought you were Liang Caowei. I was shocked!" "Pretending to have any temperament is just relying on brute force!" cnplasticpallet.com

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