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Hunting Country _ Dancing _ txt Novel Paradise Full-time Job

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As for the story of Shaya and Daphne, I know that many readers' hearts are very fragile, and they can't see any entanglement and repetition. But let me make a little excuse here: even if you write about the harem, you have to have some technical content. Some iterations and processes are essential. How to say again, this is a network YY novel, natural impossible to appear to let everybody uncomfortable plot. In my own process of conceiving characters, I thought that if I could abandon everything and follow Shaya at once, it would not be a character like Daphne. A character like a wretch can do this kind of thing, but Daphne, it's a different situation. It is impossible for a woman who has been portrayed as a tool of political marriage since childhood, who bears family responsibilities, who is willing to endure humiliation for several years even when her husband is a rabbit and even has the intention of killing herself, to change her mind all of a sudden. Devoted to Shaya, a woman in the role of Daphne, is the biggest change she can make in a short time, and the biggest and most extraordinary thing she can do. It is not in line with the characterization to abandon everything immediately. Of course, I am not deliberately sprinkling dog blood in order to create sadness,interactive flat panel display, and this part of the story naturally serves the whole plot. There is no doubt that Daphne must eventually belong to the woodlouse. Jimmy Jr. Say t! Xt-Paradise www.dxsxs.com. Chapter 494 [the situation of the imperial capital] (seven thousand words). Xia Ya himself knows very well that as the leader of a group, he really has no sense of responsibility. Personally send Daphne back to the imperial capital, such a determination, said to be settled. Trekking all the way to the imperial capital, thousands of mountains and rivers, the distance is long,interactive digital whiteboard, it takes a lot of time, for the current mountains of all kinds of military and political affairs in the whole northern garrison area, including a large number of official duties of the migration office waiting for him to deal with. He said he would go. You know, it took a long time to think about sending someone to the imperial capital to inform Adric of Hastings's movements. But I didn't expect that now I would go to the imperial capital in person. If only I had known I would have made a trip, "Xia Ya sighed in his heart.". This journey, although accompanied by such a beautiful woman as Daphne, and the relationship between the two has already experienced such intimacy. But the journey was not pleasant. "There was no charm at all.". All the way south from the Agate River, although they shared a horse, they seemed to fall into a tacit silence when they walked. Daphne did not speak, and Shaya did not want to speak. Such an indifferent atmosphere is like an invisible wall between a man and a woman. Light riding and simple, degree of nature than a large group of people to be much faster. After the Agate River, in order to avoid trouble, 86 smart board ,smart board interactive whiteboard, Shaya also tried to choose a quiet path to walk. When they were on their way, they mostly avoided staying in the town, and most of the time, they preferred to stay in the wild. A bonfire, "humble food.." Just like the tender scenery in the mountains and rivers, but there is no such atmosphere any more. Daphne's attitude toward Shaya is deliberately indifferent, and she keeps a distance from Shaya. In her words, she must be called "General Shaya". Although Shaya understood Daphne's intentions and knew that the woman had made such a choice for the sake of family responsibility, as a young man with little experience in love, it was difficult for him to remain rational in the face of such complex emotional entanglements. Although he is all-powerful, although he holds a powerful army, although he is already a contemporary vassal, but in the final analysis, he is still a young man in his early twenties, for emotional matters, no experience to deal with, in the face of the cold war between the two he just kept silent. Although he understood Daphne's difficulties intellectually, he did not accept "no tolerance" and did not let go emotionally! This woman.. God damn it! How could she do this to me! Shaya, like all the young men in the world who have tasted the bitter taste of love for the first time, is full of resentment. "In fact, if you really don't want her to leave, just take her back, tie a rope to the horse, and go north." In a few days, you will return to your territory. She is a weak woman, can she still resist you? Dora was somewhat disdainful of Shaya's "cowardly" behavior. Xia Ya was angry and said coldly, "What do you know?"! If she can be so ruthless, do I have to tie her back by force? This kind of thing, shouldn't you love me? Since she is heartless, "why do I still ask her?"! "Hum, I'm a decent man. Don't you have dignity?" When Dora heard this, she smiled disdainfully and said only, "Stupid boy, you are both stupid in general.". There is no reason to say such a thing as "pique" between men and women. What dignity? It's just that I can't put down my face and airs. "What do you know about dragons?" Shaya immediately counterattacked. Then Dora stopped talking. When Daphne opened her mouth, she would call herself "General Shaya". Shaya was so angry that she simply opened her mouth and closed her mouth with "Her Royal Highness". The two lovers who used to mix oil and 1uo to meet each other actually made a ridiculous taste of courtesy and courtesy for a while. 2011-6-27 02:11 Reply tinytomchou 21 fans Third floor How could Daphne not understand Shaya's anger? She looked at the pain and anger in Xia Ya's eyes every day. "I don't know how many times, I wish I could throw myself directly into Xia Ya's arms." But she was forced to hold back. She knew very well that it was not easy for her to make up her mind. If she was weak again, she would be really cruel. One side is the man he loves for the first time in his life, "but the other side is his father and brother in his family,75 smart board, and the heavy surname of Minas!"! In order to maintain the position of the family, to maintain the glory of the family, "the Minas family needs a queen!"! Not a woman who's gone missing for no apparent reason. hsdsmartboard.com

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Three lives, three lives. Pillow book _ End of the first volume