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Honey bonbon-milk tea hamster Full-time Job

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Tang laughed, "Yes, it's OK, but it's estimated that it won't work today. I made an appointment with a letter to have dinner with their classmates later. It's almost time for me to take a shower and change clothes. Can we talk about it later?" "That must be OK!" Gao Ying is very happy, "you have a good time, I am not in a hurry here at any time!"! Just kiss and hug your husband and save some sweet stalks for me! Wang Ning asked, "Is your husband having a class dinner today?" "It seems that I don't know whether it's the class or their department, but the letter said I would take me there, so I didn't ask in detail." "Look at that!" Wang Ning teased, eyes turned to Gao Ying, "what are you waiting for Gao Ying, this is not the stem?"? Remember it! A qualified romantic novel hero is to take the heroine to the class, department, and even the world to show love! - Today's gathering is the whole department gathering of the freshman of the Department of Neurosurgery of the Medical College. There are two classes in the Department of Neurosurgery, and the reason for this gathering is that the department will soon be divided into laboratories, and the following two classes will inevitably have to have classes and experiments together, so we initiated a dinner party to get familiar with them in advance. Because it is a private gathering, the requirements are naturally more relaxed, and the default is to allow family members to be brought together. Since being together, Tang did not know whether the letter had formed some kind of habit. As long as they made an appointment to go out together, he would always ask her what clothes she was wearing, and then choose to wear the same color or style with her. Today,Cold Drawn Steel Tubes, they are wearing a white sweater jacket of the same style, and the T-shirt inside is a couple's shirt bought before the letter, pure white. Men's style only has a black undulating line on the right chest, while women's style has a heart-shaped line on the left chest, with the end of the line extending. Put together, you can see a complete ECG pattern. There are not many people in the neurosurgery department, and the two classes add up to no more than forty people. Everyone chose to book a private room in a hotel not far from the school, and everyone went directly to the private room to meet. When we arrived,stainless steel 304 pipes, there were already a lot of people in the private room, and when we saw the two of them, everyone was very warm. Ouch? Is it the time to seal the gods? This is my sister-in-law! "Come on, Feng Shen Feng Sister-in-law. Sit here. It's a good seat here!" Tang's classmates, who had not seen much of the letter before, were still somewhat restrained at the moment. As soon as she sat down, she took the initiative to smile and introduce herself to everyone. Hello, I'm Don, and I'm.. The girlfriend of a letter, meet for the first time, still ask to take care of a lot of. Her voice was sweet and soft, and she was cute, and the boys in the room laughed first. Oh, sister-in-law, you're welcome, stainless steel tube 304 ,Cold Drawn Seamless Tubes, sister-in-law! "Sister-in-law, I've heard of your name for a long time. I finally saw a real person today. I've heard so much about you!" Don was puzzled and asked the letter, "Why did they call you a God?" "Don't listen to them." The letter chuckled in a low voice. Raise a head to say to those schoolboys again: "You did not call in disorder, call me a letter." The boys started to whine. "Oh, you're starting to spoil your wife now!" "Show your love." "Sweet, tut, tut." Don was embarrassed and his cheeks were slightly red. The process of the party is also relatively simple and boring. The boys were just teasing for a moment, and as soon as the food was served, everyone's attention naturally turned to business. The medical school of a University is a gathering place for top students. Even if they get together to chat, they basically talk about experimental groups or medical matters. Tang couldn't get a word in edgewise, so he consciously regarded himself as an invisible man and ate silently. A letter occasionally took care of her twice, and more often discussed problems with her classmates. Wait for half a day to pass, a table of dishes others have not eaten how, she has vaguely felt a little full. Feeling that there seemed to be something strange around her, the letter turned its head while no one was talking to it and asked softly, "What's wrong?"? Uncomfortable? Tang shook his head gloomily, "just a little too much." He couldn't help laughing. He stroked her bulging stomach with his palm and said, "Don't eat any more. I'll go and ask for two digestives for you later. Be careful that your stomach will be broken if you eat too much.". Like a little pig. "You are the little pig!" Tang pouted, "If I were a piglet, you would be a boar!"! Big pig's feet! The letter hissed and pinched her face. A few boys on this side were still discussing, and when they glanced at their side, they could not help teasing each other with their eyes. "Oh, there are still people here!" "What are you doing? What are you doing? Pay attention in public!" Caught in the act, Tang blushed and lowered his head sheepishly. After this, the topic can not help but go back to the two people again. The boy who was the first to heckle asked curiously, "Hey, little sister-in-law, can I ask how you and Feng Shen got together?" Another schoolboy also follows to say: "Yes, sister-in-law, before sealing a God, still say you two are high school classmates, so sealing a God after all is puppy love?"? Tell us about it! "No!" Tang originally did not want to discuss this topic with them, but could not hear them say a letter, can not help but say: "a letter is not puppy love!"! We were classmates in high school, yes, but we were together after graduation. Quickly glanced at the letter beside her, her voice gradually lowered, looking a little shy. The boys laughed at once. Aah! Aah! "Look, let you ask!"! No, no, no! People can't listen to it at all! The letter smiled helplessly and held her hand quietly under the table. "Don't make trouble." And they didn't listen. A schoolboy asks cheerfully again: "Ai, sister-in-law, can you say then, who is you and seal a God to chase who?"? How did you chase him? "I chased him!" Tang answered generously and honestly, slanting his head and smiling at the letter. "Just keep chasing it!"! I don't know how to chase, but I'm chasing. I caught up with him. "Ouch!" As soon as she finished speaking, the boys could not help laughing even more. Sister-in-law, you are really a hero among women,Cold Drawn Tubes, 666! Yes, sister-in-law, you really have courage! I admire you! Here's to you. ***! cbiesautomotive.com

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