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Genius physiognomist _ punching _ txt novel paradise Full-time Job

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Ye Tian once asked him to squat under the root of the imperial city to tell people's fortunes, but it was ten divinatory symbols and nine wrong ones. He was beaten by a group of old men and old women. From then on, the boy seemed to have a shadow in his heart, but he was not interested in divination. Although Zhou Xiaotian's age and talent are high, he is too old to pass on the core skills of Mayi to him, so he has always turned a blind eye to this matter. Hey, Master, I'll recite the Sutra when I get back. Can you tell me what's going on first? After following Ye Tian for a long time, Zhou Xiaotian knew that his master had always been very relaxed and would not punish him for these things. Old Tang Yangshou was only eighty-three years old, and even if he survived the disaster at the beginning of next year, he would only have two years to live. Ye Tian took one look at Zhou Xiaotian and then said, "My gathering array can blind and confuse the secret of heaven. If he comes to live for a period of time, it is tantamount to adding some longevity to him. Is this a small favor?" For the rich, when he is dying, even if he lives one more day, even if these people are willing to give up their family property, Ye Tian's action can at least increase Tang Wenyuan's life span by several years, which is absolutely a great favor. And Ye Tian has to take risks for this, after all, this is a change of fate,24v Gear Motor, who knows when God is not happy, and then put Ye Tian in danger? After getting Ye Tian's promise to let him move into the villa, Tang Wenyuan's speed was amazing, Ye Tian said this in the morning, he had already moved in at noon, but also brought some news about Thailand. They have to go? Ye Tian frowned, and the old man in his mind gave him a very dangerous feeling, so he would let Tang Wenyuan persuade Zhu Weifeng and others to give up the idea of holding a boxing match in Thailand. Tang Wenyuan said with a wry smile: "I have conveyed your words,Planetary Gear Motor, but they said that this is held by the Thai government, there will be no problems, then the rich people from all over the world will go, Lao Dong also complained about me." Although Tang Wenyuan is not as rich as Li Chaoren, his Hongmen background is deeper than Dong Shenghai's, and his influence in some circles in Southeast Asia is far greater than Li Chaoren's. So Dong Shenghai wanted to ask him to press the field, but Tang Wenyuan did not go, which made Dong Shenghai a little dissatisfied with him, and did not take Ye Tian's words to heart. You know, Zhu Weifeng and Dong Shenghai have only seen the force of Ye Tian, simply do not know the true identity of Ye Tian, so Ye Tian's advice will bring them a smile. Let them be. I don't care so much now. Ye Tian did things with a clear conscience. He informed them that he was in danger of being punished by God. These two people were ungrateful. What happened in the future had nothing to do with him. By the way, Old Tang, I have something to ask you. Ye Tian suddenly thought of something and said, micro gear motor ,small geared motors, "You have a lot of interpersonal relationships. Help me pay attention to some ancient Taoist classics. If they appear in any auction room, you must help me take them!" In modern times, China suffered a lot. Apart from the civil war, it was also bullied and humiliated by foreign powers. Many precious cultural relics and books were looted by the robbers. In many fields of cultural relics, the ones handed down in China are not even as perfect as those preserved in foreign museums, so Ye Tian also had an idea in his mind, in those lost classics, is there a method of refining the spirit and returning to the realm of emptiness? This is definitely not Ye Tian's imagination, because even the veteran Li Shanyuan had suspected that the Tuibei map had spread abroad, and the statement of Nan Huaijin almost affirmed this matter. It's just that too many things happened during Ye Tian's stay in the United States, and his trip to Britain was delayed again, so he couldn't check whether the Tuibei map there was true or false? PS: The second watch, arrived before 0 o'clock, everybody monthly ticket supports a lot. (To be continued). ) To see the latest updated chapters of Genius Physiognomist, please search the book library on Baidu, or enter directly! t ) Please recommend the website to your friends! Your support is our motivation to update! Thank you Chapter 675 return. After hearing Ye Tian's words, Tang Wenyuan nodded and said, "This is easy to handle. Recently, Chinese art fever is heating up very fast. Many large foreign auction agencies are organizing special auctions of Chinese art. I'll help you pay attention to it!" Many super-rich people in Hong Kong have the habit of collecting works of art, and Tang Wenyuan is no exception. He has a special art storage room in his home, but most of his collections are bronzes and ceramics, but he has not dabbled in such objects as calligraphy and paintings. The villa that Gong Xiaoxiao sent Ye Tian was huge, and although there were seven or eight people living in it, it did not seem crowded. Song Weilan and his wife are naturally unwilling to leave, and Yu Qingya also asked for a long vacation, specially to take care of Ye Tian, a proud daughter of heaven graduated from Huaqing Garden, abruptly mastered the functions of many nurses. Although yuan Shen can no longer practice, but has been completely consolidated down, as time goes by day by day, Ye Tian's injury is almost improving at an alarming rate. A month later, Ye Tian's broken arms have healed six or seven minutes, although still unable to lift heavy objects, but when eating, it is not necessary to feed Qingya one mouthful at a time. In addition, Ye Tian's spinal injury has greatly improved. A week ago, his spine could not bear any weight. He could only lie in bed and eat some liquid food. Although Ye Tian is still unable to walk now, he can already sit up. When he is free, Yu Qingya will push him for a walk in the courtyard of the villa. Since the couple got married, they have spent the most time together. According to Ye Tian's estimate, there will be another half month. The broken bones of the spine will be able to heal together, and then they will be able to stand up, before and after this almost two months can not move the day, really to hold Ye Tian crazy. Pushing the door and walking into Ye Tian's room, Gou Xinjia looked at Ye Tian looking through a broken ancient book and asked, "Ye Tian,12 Volt Motor With Gearbox, are these scriptures helpful to you?" During this period, Tang Wenyuan's men. Several batches of auction items were sent, all of which were ancient classics from major auctions. ichgearmotor.com

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Three lives, three lives. Pillow book _ End of the first volume