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Emperor tyrant Full-time Job

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However, Jin Pu Zhen Di knew that they were dead, but they still had to fight to the end until they died. They do not beg for mercy from Li Qiye, nor do they beg for weakness from Li Qiye, even at the last moment of death, they all defend the dignity of the true emperor, and they all defend the authority of the true emperor. This is the true emperor, whether he is a good person or a bad person, but they are willing to use their lives to defend dignity, with their lives to defend the emperor, the true emperor is the true emperor, they have many qualities that people do not have. I did not disgrace you by dying under my path. Li Qiye smiled faintly and withdrew his arm. At this time, looking at Li Qiye standing in the sky, everyone can not help but suffocate, even if it is to kill the three true emperors, he is still so light, so calm and comfortable, it seems that he is just killing the insignificant existence. It's too powerful. Looking at the plain Li Qiye, someone could not help murmuring and said, "I'm afraid only the first ancestor can fight with him." "Could it be that in today's world of immortals, there is really another person who can compete with Master Jin Guang and Master Lan Shucai?" Some students looked at Li Qiye, and for a moment they could not help but lose their minds and were deterred by his invincibility. Isn't that true? I'm afraid it's true. Another student took a breath of cold air and looked at Li Qiye with horror. Li Qiye smiled and finally fell into the valley of crystal crabs. When Li Qiye fell into the valley, the others left one after another. For a while,ultrasonic cutting machine, all the students had mixed feelings, because in this short time, too many things had happened, too many shocking things had happened. Especially when the three emperors died in battle, it was even more frightening. At this time, when the name of Li Qiye was mentioned, I don't know how many people were horrified by it. Something big is going to happen. I'm afraid the world is going to change. A student turned pale and said. There were also students who speculated and said, "Maybe Lan Shucai Sheng will avenge his dead disciple. When the time comes,ultrasonic welding transducer, I'm afraid it will be a terrible war and the sky will collapse." "If so, the weather is going to change." When many students heard this, they all shivered and felt their hair stand on end. In the valley of the crystal crab, when Li Qiye went back, Zhao Qiushi and the students of the Baptism House were all in awe when they saw Li Qiye. Just imagine, Jinpu true emperor they are what kind of existence, invincible true emperor, on weekdays, in the hearts of Zhao Qiushi these students, Jinpu true emperor their true emperor, is the existence of high above, is their life can not reach the existence. However, now the three emperors of Jinpu Zhendi died tragically in the hands of Li Qiye. Li Qiye's strength is so strong that it is so terrible. What made Zhao Qiushi shiver even more was that for a long time before, they had regarded Li Qiye as their classmate, and even as their junior. Thinking of this, Zhao Qiushi and the students of the Purgatory were somewhat helpless. Just imagine, Ultrasonic nano dispersion ,ultrasonic metal welding, a supreme existence, they actually have no eyes, commensurate with his classmates, but also regard him as a junior, or even a look to take care of him, now such a reversal, let Zhao Qiushi they do not know what to do. Fortunately, Li Qiye did not have the same experience as them, otherwise, they could not live here. At this time, Zhao Qiushi looked at Li Qiye in awe, and no longer dared to treat Li Qiye as a junior as before. Compared with the awe of Zhao Qiushi, the big black bull is calm, it seems that even if the three true emperors were killed, in the eyes of the big black bull, that is a very normal thing. The sage is unique and invincible in the world. But the crystal crab could not help admiring, saw Li Qiye's strength with his own eyes, he was also shocked. Just when Zhao Qiu and the students of the Purgatory did not know what to do, Du Wenrui, the president of the Purgatory, who had been missing for a long time, came back. Let's get out of here. It won't be long before the old garden is closed. When Du Wenrui came back, he immediately said to everyone. Alas, calm will be restored again, and my old crab will sleep again. When the crystal crab heard the news that the ancient garden was going to be closed, he sighed with emotion. Although the crystal crab is very emotional, but he has no intention of leaving here, he is still ready to continue to sleep here, after all, there is no place more comfortable and safer than the ancient garden, and he will continue to sleep here, no one will disturb him. The show is over, but unfortunately, no ancestor has made a move. Compared to the crystal crab, the big black bull is gloating, he is anxious to see the world is not chaotic, the world is chaotic, he is more willing to see. Li Qiye smiled and said, "You all go back. It's time to part." "Li is leaving?" Du Wenrui could not help looking at Li Qiye, in fact, the arrival of this day, is also what he expected. Du Wenrui knew very well in his heart that for Li Qiye, he was just a passer-by in the Baptistery. At most, he would stay in their Baptistery for a while. He could not stay in the Baptistery. In the end, he would still travel far. There's nothing interesting about the Holy Court of Light. Li Qiye smiled. Hey, I also know some interesting places in the Temple of Light. I know there are some big treasures. The big black bull immediately came to the spirit and encouraged Li Qiye. Chapter 2902 farewell. Ignoring the instigation of the big black bull, Li Qiye took out the sword and handed it to Du Wenrui, saying, "Take it back. After all, it is the treasure of your house." "Don't give me the sword to wash away your sins." As soon as he saw that Li Qiye was going to return the sword to Du Wenrui, the big black bull's eyes lit up and he stretched out his hooves to grab it. There was a loud bang,ultrasonic spray nozzle, but as soon as he got the sword, the big black bull fell on all fours. The sword did not recognize him at all. In other words, the sword had a particularly bad temper with him and hit him in an instant. It seemed that the sword and the big black bull were not so popular. fycgsonic.com

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