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Emperor Qianlong Full-time Job

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The Palace of Heavenly Purity is the largest court palace in the Forbidden City apart from the Hall of Supreme Harmony. Qianlong took 36 people to carry the bright yellow sedan chair and made a detour to enter from the main entrance of the Qianqing Gate. It was not until the empty field in front of Danzhao that he held Gao Wuyong's shoulder and came down. Outside the palace was Prince Zhuang Yunlu, and there were dozens of princes and imperial clans, but the civil and military officials were headed by Zhang Tingyu. There were more than one hundred senior officials from the following departments, such as Neqin, Ertai, six ministries and nine ministers, the Hanlin of the Hanlin Academy, and other provinces who went to the capital to meet and report on their work. Or fellow countrymen meet, or meet again after a long separation, or intimate friends, or colleagues and subordinates gather together, some greet each other, some whisper, some wink and tell jokes, and some do not squint. Just as he was waiting impatiently, he saw Qianlong get out of the sedan chair in court clothes. The black crow knelt down on the ground. Qian Long walked up the steps with a brisk step. In a twinkling of an eye, he saw Yun Hungry also kneeling behind Yun Lu. He said to Yun Lu with a smile, "The emperor's uncles are old people. They don't have to kneel. Uncle Ten, you're weak. You said you didn't have to stand on ceremony." "Then.." That's the grace of the emperor. "I didn't expect that Qianlong would single out himself to speak. He stammered," I.. I am a useless person, and I am idle at home. And I do not go out for many days, also think of the emperor, think of the emperor's grace. Enter. Come in and ask for an return. Still should be. He used to be the most arrogant, bold and outspoken of the Yongzheng brothers, but now after ten years in prison,ultrasonic dispersion machine, he has become cautious and cautious. Qianlong had seen him speak wildly in front of Kangxi and was not convinced by the whip, but now he was like another person, and he could not help sighing in his heart. He only said, "Uncle Ten, don't be cranky. Take good care of yourself and tell the Ministry of Internal Affairs what you lack." He stepped into the main hall, sat down on the Sumeru seat in the middle, and ordered, "Call me in." As a result, the joy of Dan rose greatly,ultrasonic handheld welder, and all the people filed in according to their rank, the princes and clansmen in the east, and the civil and military officials in the west. Zhang Tingyu and Yunlu took the lead in throwing off the horseshoe sleeves, and all of them saluted with the class and shouted in unison, "Long live!" As soon as Qianlong saw the big and small eunuchs outside carrying the big square table and rushing back and forth under the east corridor, he remembered that there was a feast in the notes. He was glad that he had not lost his manners. If he really left these people here to "kowtow to the throne and go home", wouldn't he be disappointed? Thinking about it, Qianlong said with a smile, "On New Year's Day, I met all the ministers in the Hall of Supreme Harmony, but there was too much pomp and circumstance, and there were too many people. It was difficult to say intimate words.". Today, we specially summon the senior officials, and we, the monarch and his subjects, are simply happy. From the first day to the fifteenth day is the end of the year. After the sixteenth day, everyone is busy again. "I've been working for a year, ultrasonic sonochemistry machine ,ultrasonic extraction cbd, and today I've asked you to come in and give me a feast. I think you can do it without sticking to the usual etiquette." He looked around at the crowd with a smile, and the courtiers all bowed down to thank him. "Just now I offered sacrifices to my son in the hall and went to burn incense in front of the portraits of my ancestors. I thought a lot." Qianlong sat upright on the throne and said, in the silence, his voice was not slow, calm and sonorous, "I am the sixth generation from Taizu.". Taizu and Dazong Hongwu created the foundation of the Qing Dynasty through life and death. Shizu and Shengzu Chengzhao Pixu Shengwen Shenwu ruled the world. The late emperor reigned for 13 years, shaking up the decadent wind of hundreds of years, rectifying the administration of officials and refreshing the government. When I was young, I did not see the holy ancestor commanding the armed forces and going deep into the desert and the sea to conquer the evil. But the two generations of my father and grandfather worked diligently, diligently, and tirelessly day and night, all of which are vivid in my mind. In the eyes of Qianlong, the waves were flowing, and he scanned the officials. " 'The former planted trees and the latter enjoyed the cool.' I have thought about this sentence carefully. It is a prodigal word in the family, and it is a sound of national subjugation in the country. If later generations enjoy the cool without planting trees, there will be no cool for later generations to enjoy.". The gentleman's Ze was beheaded for five generations because he did not plant trees for generations. Once the old trees are cut down, the nature of enjoying the cool will disperse in a hubbub! "I will not be an emperor who only enjoys the cool and does not plant trees." Qian Long clenched his white teeth and said with a smile, "Although my ancestors and my father have built a large forest, which is lush and green, I only regard it as a monument of my ancestors. I also want to build a forest for my descendants.". Therefore, I have not been greedy for the music of bells and drums since I ascended the pole. I do not love rich clothes and jade food. I do not love the beauty of beautiful children. I am sincere to the world. It is my wish that those who are cold should be clothed, those who are hungry should be fed, those who are widowed, widowed, lonely, disabled and sick should be supported, and that the old and the young should share peace and prosperity. He moved his body slightly and smiled. "My lenient government is the will of the imperial examination. Because of the change of time, I follow the doctrine of the mean and achieve the rule of peace and integrity. It is not lenient and inappropriate.". A close look at the situation for more than a year, free of the world's money and grain, the vassal treasury is less than 20 million taels of silver, but the people are rich, the country is solid and the country is peaceful, the people are sufficient, who is not enough? More than 100 prefectures and counties in seven provinces were hit by floods last year, and although there were cults to confuse them, none of them made trouble or acted against them. Why? Because they're not hungry! Some people say that the exemption of money and grain has no effect, in fact, this is the effect! I have seen with my own eyes that every year the state tax is collected, and there are tens of thousands of poor small land owners in every province, who are whipped and blackmailed by cruel officials. Those who can't bear the hunger and cold are bandits and thieves, and those who follow the law are good at starving and freezing ditches, which often lead to great changes, and then the rebellion is suppressed. "Instead of spending money on the slaughter of bandits, how can we give them a benevolent policy so that they will not rebel at the beginning?" When Qianlong said this, his face was already livid: "Perhaps I have given this good governance and pinched the financial road of some dirty officials. Naturally, if I don't accept it, the harsh faction will not be able to send it up. So this kind of good politics, unexpectedly, also has trouble from time to time.". There are those who say that I am fishing for fame and reputation, those who say that I have disobeyed the teachings of Emperor Sejong, and those who have strange thoughts, saying that I am "a well-fed man who does not know the hunger of a hungry man", and even those who exploit money under all sorts of pretexts outside-thinking that my benevolent government is a cowardly master who can be bullied. Now tell you that I intend to create a prosperous world of the Qing Dynasty, and follow the example of the Holy Ancestor as the Lord of a generation. Follow my heart,ultrasonic sonochemistry machine, offend Yan Zhijian by you, and criticize the dragon scales by you. Against my will, three feet of ice is set for you! fycgsonic.com

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