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Eighty Women's Way of Buddha-like Cuisine (End) Full-time Job

6 months ago   Construction & Engineering   Samraong   215 views
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"Uncle and aunt, eat more, too." Dropped a pile of explosive information, Xu Jinwei Shi Shi ran to pull Shen Linchuan them back. She was very clear about Wu Baoru and Zheng Zhu's character of bullying the weak and fearing the strong, and now she showed them everything, letting them know that their mother and daughter were no longer the poor relatives they used to bully. Even if these two groups of women do not know how to restrain themselves, their husbands are not fools and will naturally let them know what to say and what not to say. Zheng Da is a superficial muddle-headed person, in fact, everything is clear in his heart, but whenever there are benefits to be gained, he does not hesitate to let his wife rush ahead and act as a peacemaker behind him. But now that she knows that her sister is different from before, and that she has so much strength and background behind her, she naturally knows what to do. Not to mention Lu Gaohua, is absolutely a smart person, originally see things through, now more understand how to do. Chapter 99 chapter 09 Chapter 99 Water Plant The next process was very smooth, Zheng Zhu and Wu Baoru also settled down a lot, and never said anything that should not be said during the dinner. After the wedding banquet, he offered to stay and help. Ji Yazhen was old, and she felt sleepy after a lively meal. Together with Zheng Ping, they sent the old lady back to the courtyard and helped clean up the house. Her attitude was so attentive that Zheng Ping was not used to it. Women in the small courtyard that busy, Lu Gaohua and Zheng Da also did not sit,brushless gear motor, Zheng Da is not good at communication, to help the "Splendid Age" people together to clean up the store, Lu Gaohua is accompanied by Liao Zhigang to see off guests, after all, they are now brothers-in-law, Lu Gao Hua is also half of the host family. From the communication between Liao Zhigang and the guests, Lu Gaohua gradually found that his identity was also very unusual. He did not know many people in Shoujing, but the guests who came to the banquet this time looked very unusual in their dress and bearing. There were two people who had met on other occasions,Planetary Gear Motor, who were also prominent figures in Shoujing, but when facing Liao Zhigang, they were all polite. The posture is very low. This cognition let Lu Gaohua more and more with great trepidation, after going back, must restrain Zheng Zhu well, can't offend this sister-in-law again. After the wedding banquet, Zheng Ping had planned to stay with Ji Yazhen for a period of time, but the old lady was used to living in S city, and was not adapted to the climate and environment in the north. Finally, she could only ask Sun Zhuo and Shi Ziping to help her. When she returned, she sent the old lady back by the way. Because of this wedding banquet, "Splendid Age" has completely opened up the market in the upper circle of Shoujing, business has become more and more popular, and the location must be booked one month in advance, which is hard to find. Shen Linchuan and his small companies are also gradually on track, new drugs began to enter the market, 24v Dc Motor With Gearbox ,Brushless Gear Motor, because the efficacy is good, the price is relatively cheap, and soon occupied a considerable market share. The investment of the small partners has had a very rich return. Xu Jinwei also invested a sum of money at the beginning, and now it has doubled several times and returned to her hands. Looking at the long row of numbers on the account, she also came up with the idea of opening a company, but she planned to open a mineral water factory, otherwise her ability as a water system power would be wasted? She can buy a piece of land, then develop groundwater resources, use her water system power, change the water quality, she does not even need those complicated processes, just buy a few pumps and filling machines to produce the best quality mineral water in the world. You should know that Evian, Salvers and Kobe natural mineral water in Japan are all high-end water with high prices, and there are still many people who can buy it. It can be said that it is a sure deal. Xu Jinwei has never been a person who lacks action. Although Zheng Ping did not know why her daughter had a sudden idea to go to a mineral water company, she must support her daughter as a mother, and she had full trust in her daughter's ability, just let her rest assured to go. But before she could go out to find suitable land, someone came to her door. Liao Zhigang's company has hoarded two or three pieces of land, one of which is located in an undeveloped wasteland on the outskirts of Shoujing. Not long ago, it was found that there were natural groundwater resources. He originally planned to develop it into a storage center, but after surveying the groundwater, it would be a waste of natural resources to use it for storage. Since Xu Jinwei wants to open a mineral water plant, it is just right to resell it to her. Brother Ming accounts, Xu Jinwei did not take advantage of Liao Zhigang, according to the market price and he signed a transfer contract, but because of the need to spend a lot of money in the early stage, so Liao Zhigang only received half of her money, the rest as a share. Liao Zhigang originally intended to help Xu Jinwei save some money, but did not know how much advantage he had taken in doing so. Many people think that Liao Zhigang is silly, a girl who has not graduated from university, whimsical to set up a factory, Liao Zhigang even in order to earn performance in front of his wife, should not take such a large piece of land to joke. But Xu Jinwei and Liao Zhigang are not people who care about the views of outsiders, their own affairs, they feel appropriate on the line. Want to open a mineral water plant, the first step is to carry out the quality inspection of water sources, Xu Jinwei quietly put a piece of egg-sized light blue water essence into the drilled water source well. This piece of water essence is a super concentrated body of power water. It took her more than half a year to condense such a small piece. It can play a role in improving water quality. It can be managed for at least a year and a half. When the consumption is almost the same, she can also condense the second piece of water essence. After the transformation of groundwater quality inspection results are naturally the best, Xu Jinwei took the quality inspection certificate to the land department with the forestry department for the water exploitation certificate. After that, Xu Jinwei invited an engineering team to build a large factory building, but did not invite many employees, from pumping to canning, as far as possible to use machines. Mineral water production equipment, filling machine, inkjet printer, labeling machine, packaging machine, bottle cap disinfection machine and so on, all machines are imported from abroad,High Torque 12v Dc Motor, the price is not cheap, but in the eyes of outsiders, this is the guarantee of water quality. ichgearmotor.com

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