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Cable Tray Roll Forming Machine Internship Job

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Job Details

Cable Tray Roll Forming Machine

Our cable tray ;roll forming machine ;is capable of making different sizes of cable trays through automatic adjustment and replacing punching mold. The cable trays produced by this roll forming production line are extensively used in petroleum, chemical, electric power, light industry, television, and telecommunications. The utility model has the advantages of a lightweight, large load, beautiful appearance, simple structure, and convenient installation, and the utility model is suitable for the installation of the power cable and the laying of the control cable.

With full and special experience, we can customize cable tray forming machines or cable roll forming production lines according to customers' profile drawings and specifications. Other high-quality equipment, including a metal roll forming machine, is also provided as you require.

Working flow Uncoiler—Leveling—Feeding—Punching&Cutting—Roll forming—Output table.


Nandi 5 HP Automatic Roofing Sheet Making Machine, Job Thickness: 0.3 mm, Production Capacity: 18 Ton/day


Product Description

Our organization is occupied with rendering a broad series of Automatic Roofing Sheet Making Machine. It is commonly used for manufacturing roof sheets. This machine is able to produce a leakage-proof and hard material of roofing sheets to protect against the harsh environment.


PLC Automatic Sizes Adjustment CZ Purlin Roll Forming Machine 1.5-3mm

The purlins are now commonly used in the construction industry, with different shapes and sizes, the most commonly used are C purlin.

C purlin is usually used for roofs and walls. It is best to use a continuous beam structure because the roof needs to withstand the weight of snow and wind.

The operation is simple, the PLC control works automatically, and the machine ensures high-precision operation with a tolerance of ±1mm.




c purlin or z purlin is a horizontal beam or bar to provide structural support in buildings. Our purlin roll former can produce purlins of different sizes. CZ purlin Roll Forming Machine is also called an Interchangeable purlin roll forming machine or z purlin making machine. In steel construction, the term purlin typically refers to roof framing members that span parallel to the building eave and support the roof decking or sheeting. The steel of c purlins is in turn supported by rafters or walls. So pre-punched purlins are quick to install and suitable for both insulated and uninsulated roofs and walls. The thickness and height of the purlin selected depend on span length and loads.


YX65-300-400 Standing Seam Roofing Machine for One Time Tapered Forming


(This is a specially designed roofing machine for one-time tapered forming. Ordinary roofing machines feature two times tapered forming.)

YX65-300-400 standing seam roofing machine is used for profiling tapered profile one times forming together slitting. Both straight and tapered profiles are available with this forming machine. The compact structure enables this machine to be loaded in a 40GP container for easy transport. The ;standing seam machine could be customized depending on the customer's needs.


Downspout Machine


Frame Construction: Frame construction is a weldment of structural steel welded into a rigid frame. The frame is machined to provide a true plane for the assembly of the forming stations. Adjustable feet are provided enabling the downspout machine to be set perfectly level.

Forming Stations: All the forming rolls coming into contact with the painted surface of the conductor pipe are hard chrome plated to ensure long roller life and protect the finish on the pipe.

Best Drive in the Industry: All the stations of the machines are driving stations, top, and bottom. They are all spring-loaded which creates a constant load on the material. The springs make our gutter machines the most versatile on the market allowing you to run different materials with virtually no adjustments.


C Channel Light Steel Keel Roll Forming Machine

C Channel light steel keel roll forming machine greatly simplifies the production process, thus improving production efficiency. It can produce all kinds of profiles with different wall thicknesses and complex cross-section shapes and cold-formed steel with different materials that are difficult to produce by the general hot-rolling method.

This portable roll forming machine is the most popular one among the customers in the metal industry construction for metal or steel section materials. Industrial building and construction projects rely on drywall steel stud systems. The quick installation and lightweight characteristics of steel framing make this an ideal product. These tools are engineered to match standard stud sizes used in commercial buildings.


CNC Cut To Length Line For Sheet Steel Coil

1. Our cut to length line uses a roll feeding, AC servo drive.

2. Coil cut to length line has a fully digital length control system that ensures fast positioning with little error.

3. Sheet Coil cut to length line has a hard chrome plated surface and is durable and abrasion-resistant.

4. CNC cut to length line used together with a hydraulic shear or an air-clutch shear to carry out fast shearing and convenient clearance adjustment.


Cut to length line ECL series

A cut to length line is generally used for jobs like uncoiling, straightening, measuring, cross-cutting to length, and stacking various materials such as cold or hot rolling carbon steel, tinplate, stainless steel, and other kinds of metal with coated surfaces.


Features of Cut to Length Line:

1. Our cut to length line uses a roll feeding, AC servo drive.

2. It has a fully digital length control system that ensures fast positioning with little error.

3. It has a hard chrome plated surface and is durable and abrasion-resistant.

4. It is used together with a hydraulic shear or an air-clutch shear to carry out fast shearing and convenient clearance adjustment.

5. Our cut to length line is suitable for hot rolling carbon steel, tinplate, stainless steel, and other kinds of metals with coated surfaces.


KJS120 Slitting Line Machine

KJS120 coil slitter is a Coil Slitting Line Machine for material 6mm thick, 2000mm width of coils, with speed 120m/min, cutting strips 30 pieces. ; This Steel Coil Slitting Machine Price is reasonable for beginners.

This Coil Slitting Line Machine consists of a coil car, uncoiler, straightener, loop I, slitting machine, scrap winder, loop II, tension unit (pad tension/belt bridle tension), a belt brille, recoiler, assisting support, exit coil car, hydraulic system, electrical system, etc.

With computer display, the whole line is controlled by the PLC which is either Mitsubishi or Siemens; And the servo motor/inverter/electronic brand is one of the following: Yaskawa, Delta, or Schneider.

Belt briddle tension the precision surface requirements with a big cost saving.

For Metals: ; carbon steel, galvanized steel, silicon steel, tinplate, stainless steel, pre-painted steel, aluminum, etc.


What Is Cold Roll Forming Machine

Hole pattern is one of the important factors affecting product quality and productivity. The cold-forming roller is installed on the frame. The forming roller responsible for driving the strip forward is driven by the motor through the transmission system. Generally, only the horizontal roller is the active roller, and the vertical roller is often the passive roller. Each machine base is called a cold roll forming machine, each roll forming machine is equipped with two or more forming rollers, and each row of forming unit is composed of more than two forming machines.


LNCF4 3 in 1 Compact Coil Decoiler, Straightener Feeder for Press Coil Feed

LNCF4 3 in 1 Decoiler Straightener Feeder is for material 0.5-4.5MM thickness, 75-1600MM width of coils, with speed 16M/Min.

Decolier opens various sizes of coils according to your needs of coil cutting

Upper roller adjustment by the digital watch.

Coil width adjusted by double handle wheel with precise screw

Pass line can be adjusted by the lifter driven by a motor.

Coil side guide use one set hollow rolls mechanical back gauge device.

Pinch roll and straightener roll material:high-strength alloy bearing steel with hard chrome plating.


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