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Ba Biao Xiong Feng-Sima Ling _ txt Novel Paradise Full-time Job

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Yuting Guanzhu was stunned and stupefied, and could hardly answer. Bai Lingguan raised his head to the sky and said with a loud laugh, "What a master of the Kongtong Sect's Sanqing Palace! He's in charge of a group of people. He's so muddle-headed in his work." Yuting Guanzhu was ridiculed by him, but he could not refute it. He was really in a dilemma. Bai Linggong Zhenren looked at Xuanfeng and the others and said, "Martial Nephews, in your opinion, what kind of friendship does he have that makes him willing to commit a big taboo in Jianghu and break into this valley?" The Taoist Xuanfeng shouted, "At least you have to be a friend of life and death!" Bai Lingguan looked back and asked, "Lord Yuting Guan, is your nephew Yu right?" Master Yu-ting talked about the matter on its own merits. He nodded and said, "That's right.." He wanted to explain how he knew Jinrui's personality, knowing that he would not do such a dark thing, so he would break into the valley. The starting point is only to prevent the two decent people of Kunlun and Emei from forming an indissoluble enmity. But before the following words were spoken, the other side had shouted loudly, like a thunderbolt, shaking the ears of several people in the valley. It's a friend of life and death. Bai Lingguan gnashed his teeth and said, "Then you can go with him!" As soon as the voice stopped and the figure flashed, three Taoists passed by and deceived Shi Siwen. Raise a sword, straight to the middle plate. Shi Siwen knew that the opponent's skill was excellent and his swordsmanship was wonderful. This sword must be sealed and dismantled, otherwise he would be defeated if he ate the opponent's sword. But if you start, is bound to fight out, can stop, so, if you win, then this misunderstanding, can not be explained clearly. So he didn't want to do it,Service Sink Faucets, so he quickly got out of the way. One side of the mouth loudly way: "The real person temporarily releases the anger of thunder, the younger generation..." "There's no need to be pretentious!" He shouted loudly, and the sword in his hand had turned into "Dou Zhuan Xing Yi", and a row of sword shadows were scattered across, and the lightning was urgent to attack. Yu Tingguan looked at this move and saw that he could neither evade nor parry. In his heart, he suddenly saw a strange move in the "Tianxuan Secret Seal". He fell down to the left, kicked the opponent's lower plate with his right foot, and at the same time supported the ground with his left hand. It was a matter of preference that the kick missed, and as expected,Flushometer valve, Bai Lingguan smashed his wrist and sank his sword, wiping his throat with electricity. Who would have thought that Shi Siwen's figure was already relying on his left hand to support the ground, and he whirled away, just in time to avoid this move. But in the meantime only one shot, almost opened a hole in the throat, extremely dangerous. Bai Linggong shouted in a deep voice, "Good posture!" The long sword in his hand has already displayed the "Fifteen Tips for Sweeping the Heaven and Earth" and pursued him closely. Shi Siwen had no chance to fight back, so he could only act according to circumstances. Five strokes in the past, Shi Siwen has been in a hurry, empty a martial arts, but can not display. Although he was extremely calm, he was greatly discouraged at this time, thinking that within five strokes, he would be hurt by the other side's sword. With the ferocity of the opponent's swordsmanship, it is really a great luck not to die on the spot. The three masters of the Xuanzi generation saw that the supreme mental method of this school, the "Fifteen Tips for Sweeping the Universe", was so powerful that they could not help but concentrate and try their best to steal three of them. A figure flew from the mouth of the valley like a rainbow of stars, and in the blink of an eye it had arrived in the valley. It was not until the man rushed to the place where the White Spirit Palace and Shi Siwen fought that the three masters of the Xuanzi generation found out. Xuanfeng stood the nearest and hurriedly wielded his sword to intercept him. He was one of the masters of Emei. He used a sword with great power. The figure also used a sword to resist him. With a "choke" sound, Stainless Steel Squatting Pan ,Stainless Steel Hand wash Basin, the two swords intersected, and Xuanfeng Taoist was shocked back seven paces. Xuanfeng Taoist was shaken open, Xuanhuo Xuanlei two people on the one hand surprised, on the other hand a few steps apart, it is too late to intercept. The figure was so fast that in the blink of an eye it had fallen beside the two men in the battle, and the light of the sword had helped Shi Siwen block half of his move. At this time, the three masters of the Xuan generation had already seen clearly who was coming, and almost all of them were surprised. Bai Lingguan was blocked by the bearer, and the offensive was slightly frustrated. Shi Siwen, the master of Yuting Temple, had staggered several feet and slowed down. The two of them looked at the man together, but they saw a beautiful girl with a long body and beautiful eyebrows. Bai Lingguan sighed and said, "Pearl, what are you doing?"? But crazy? With a melancholy look in her glittering and charming eyes, she said, "Martial Uncle, please release the thunder. Pearl has a feeling for you." Then she took out a short golden sword from her bosom, held it high above her head, and said in awe, "I have been ordered by the real master to take these two men away.". ” When Bai Lingguan saw the Golden Sword, he hurriedly bowed his head and said, "Respectfully accept the decree!" Only then did Pearl's eyes sweep over the motionless Jinrui. With a quick glance, she could see that he was not hurt at all, and her heart was half down. She turned to Shi Siwen and said, "Will Lord Yuting come with me?" "Listen to the girl," said Shi Siwen. With a sad smile, she jumped over and patted Jinrui with her jade hand to untie the acupoint. Jin Rui coughed, spurted a mouthful of blood, and shook his body a few times. Pearl stretched out her hand to support him and blurted out, "Ah, you've been hurt by the power of the Master's real hand!" Bai Lingguan and Xuanzi generation three people are inexplicable, do not understand why Pearl is not afraid of each other to escape, but also show concern. At the same time, because of Jin Rui's blood, he began to understand that he had already suffered internal injuries, so that he could not go up to fifteen strokes just now, which was the real reason for his failure. Pearl said to Shi Siwen again, "Can Lord Yuting carry your friend with him?" Without hesitation, Shi Siwen flew over and carried Jin Rui on his back. Jin Rui was still waiting to refuse, but on the one hand, his whole body was weak, and on the other hand, Shi Siwen did not allow him to say anything at all. Pearl said to the White Spirit Palace, "Martial Uncle, please forgive Pearl for being presumptuous. I'll go first." "Now that you've invited the Master's Golden Sword," said Bai Linggong, "you can do everything cheaply, but you have to think twice about everything.." Pearl did not make a sound, ran to Taniguchi, Shi Siwen carried Jin Rui on his back, spread out his feet, and followed him out of the valley. When the three of them were out of the valley, Xuan Lei first asked, "Martial Uncle, isn't that the direction to look back?" "I've known for a long time, Xuanfeng,Self-closing Faucet," said Bai Linggong in a deep voice. "Go back to the temple immediately and report the details to the real master. Xuanhuo, Xuanlei and I immediately went to the foot of the front mountain and cut off their way. If Pearl were only to leave them, she would bring them back again. Pearl led Swain over two mountains and into the Fairy Ridges. cnkexin.com

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