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A good marriage is planted in the field of medicine Full-time Job

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No, the two elders of the Lin family thought that the New Year was coming, so they urged their son to invite people to the house for a New Year's Eve dinner, so that they could ask Ding Wenzhi to take care of their son in the future. Ding Wenzhi looked at him helplessly, "forget it!" "But no one is allowed to live in the schoolhouse during the holidays this year." "You have no place to go," said Lin Hai. Ding Wenzhi thought for a moment and said, "It doesn't matter. I'll go out to live in an inn and come back when school starts." "What is there to stay in an inn?" Lin Hai murmured, "People are coming and going. It's so noisy that your brain hurts. You like to be quiet. Isn't this delaying your reading?" With that, he grabbed Ding Wenzhi's arm and smiled, "Wenzhi, you'd better go back with me. I'll let someone clean up a quiet yard for you and make sure no one will bother you. How about not letting you spend a penny?" Ding Wenzhi laughed. "Brother Lin, you really don't have to bother. It's only a few days' vacation anyway. It's okay for me to make do with it in the inn." "No trouble, no trouble." Lin Hai held on to him. "Anyway, there are plenty of servants in our family. As long as you give the order, the servant girls will be at your disposal." Ding Wenzhi rubbed his forehead, and Lin Hai pulled him out of the Imperial College gate. He was trying to find an excuse to shirk, Yu Guang inadvertently saw a carriage parked outside the gate,Stainless Steel Trough Urinal, the carriage stood beside a familiar person. At first, Ding Wenzhi could not believe it, until Du Xiaoyu smiled sweetly and shouted "Second Brother", Ding Wenzhi came to his senses completely. Sister Xiaoyu? There was still something of disbelief in his voice. Confused, Lin Hai took one look at Du Xiaoyu and then looked at Ding Wenzhi. "Didn't you say you had no relatives in the capital?" He asked? Where did your sister come from? Speaking of this, Lin Hai seems to think of something, his eyes become ambiguous,push button toilet flush valve, a "I understand" expression, "the original is love sister ah!" It is not uncommon for a top student like Ding Wenzhi to be loved by the daughter of a rich family. Ding Wenzhi glared at him. "Don't talk nonsense!" The Imperial College is at the foot of the Son of Heaven, and there are many noble children inside. If something big happens outside, the news will soon spread to the Imperial College. So Ding Wenzhi had long known that Du Xiaoyu was married to the King of Chu. She is now a quasi-princess of Chu, how can she make fun of it at will? Seeing that Ding Wenzhi's face was serious and Lin Hai's mouth was shriveled, he had to let go of him. "Since someone is looking for him, go quickly. I'm waiting for you here." Without saying a word, Ding Wenzhi took a few steps forward and stood in front of Du Xiaoyu. The second brother has lost a lot of white! Du Xiaoyu smiled, "it seems that the food in the Imperial College is not bad." Ding Wenzhi nodded, "compared with the food of Fenzhou Academy, it's really good." But although good, those aristocratic children are also disdained to eat in the canteen, stainless steel squatting pan ,Stainless Steel Toilet Bowl, or have a servant at home to send, or go directly to the restaurant to eat. Ding Wenzhi did not have their family background, all the money had to be saved, and naturally every meal was eaten in the canteen. He stayed in the capital for a whole year without going to the fields, and his whole complexion was white. Du Xiaoyu skipped Ding Wenzhi, looked at Lin Hai outside the gate, and pointed with his chin, "Is that your classmate?" Ding Wenzhi looked back at Lin Hai and nodded, "Yes." Lin Hai took the opportunity to raise his hand and say hello to Du Xiaoyu, a typical playboy with a cheeky smile. Du Xiaoyu withdrew his eyes and looked at Ding Wenzhi. "Did the second brother have a holiday?" "Mmm." "Do you have any plans this year?" "No one is allowed to live in the schoolhouse this year, so I'm going to come out and stay in the inn for a few days." "The inn near the Imperial College is not cheap," said Du Hsiao-yu. "It will cost a lot of money to stay for seven days, including the cost of food." "It doesn't matter," said Ding Wenzhi. "Would you like to go to Du's house with me for a reunion dinner?" Du Xiaoyu said, "After all, I haven't seen you for a long time. I dare not come even if I want to see you. I'm afraid it will affect your study. I'm thinking about taking advantage of the holiday time to pick you up and stay for two days." Ding Wenzhi thought for a moment and nodded, "good." Du Xiaoyu did not expect that he would agree, and his heart was greatly surprised. Without Lin Hai, Ding Wenzhi would not have gone, but if he did not go to Du's house, he would have been dragged back by Lin Hai. In order to get rid of that clingy spirit, he stopped living in the inn and followed Xiaoyu's sister to Du's house. Then go back and pack your things. I'll wait for you outside. Du Xiaoyu finished and turned to get into the carriage. Ding Wenzhi answered and turned back to the gate. Lin Hai hurried over and looked at him with a smile. "Who is that girl? She looks really beautiful. Brother Wenzhi is very lucky!" Ding Wenzhi glanced at him and said lightly, "That's my sister." "Sister?"? Where did you get your sister? Lin Hai didn't believe it. "Isn't your home in Fenzhou?" "Do you remember that I told you before that my parents had taken in a sister, and now she's home, and today she's coming to take me to her home for the Spring Festival?" Lin Hai listens, urgent, "Hey, didn't you promise to go back with me?"? How can you go back on your word? "When did I say yes?" Back in the schoolhouse, Ding Wenzhi packed up his things while dealing with Lin Hai's verbosity. He chattered for a long time, but still did not agree with Ding Wenzhi to "abandon" him and go to Du's house. He simply said confidently, "Otherwise, you can take me with you, or I will find a rope to tie you up." Ding Wenzhi carried the book basket on his back and looked at him lightly. "If you want your parents to go to my sister's house, come with me!" When Lin Hai heard this, he was afraid, but he was a little reluctant. "When will you come back?" "I'll be back when the Imperial College starts school." Lin Hai gritted his teeth, "Well, I can't force you to go home with me for the Spring Festival, but you have to promise me that you will go back with me to see my parents on the Lantern Festival." Why does that sound weird? Ding Wenzhi was silent for a moment and said,Self-closing Shower Valve, "Good." Lin Hai was overjoyed. "A gentleman can't go back on his word. You can't cheat me." Ding Wenzhi ignored him, locked the door of the school building, went downstairs and walked out of the gate of the Imperial College. Du Xiaoyu was still waiting outside to let him get into the carriage. cnkexin.com

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