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I can escalate the crisis of the end of the world _ 20200215155538. Full-time Job

6 months ago   Babysitting & Nanny Work   Samraong   107 views
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"Ha ha, it's really convenient enough." Fang Chong stretched out his hands and saw that it was completely restored to a yellow sè. Reason 'mention.. Supply Skin, laughing. But then I looked at myself in the mirror, and my expression was jjīng. A Lulu man appeared in the mirror. Depend on. "Fang Chong saw the Lu Lu body man in the mirror and couldn't help scolding.". It turned out that when the'battle armor suit 'covered his body just now, the scales and armor of the clothes he was wearing had already burst off, and the little K kù kù was no exception. He is not a Lulu body maniac, of course, is extremely awkward. And the problem of exploding clothes is also a headache for him. If you use it once and explode the clothes once, it will be a task to find clothes. The end of the world want to find a dress is not an easy thing, unlike the past, just find a shop to go in, you can pick whatever you want. Now there are only two or three sets of clothes in his storage space. Thinking that there are clothes in the storage space, I quickly found a suit to put on, and then think of a way. "Right, look at the survival manual of the end of the world." Fang Chong put on his clothes and thought of the survival manual, which is almost an omnipotent book. The above content is also constantly changing, and Fang Chong can't finish reading it. "See if there is any information about the'armor suit '." After Fang Chong opened the survival manual,4k smart board, he searched one by one. I soon found the information about'battle armor '. "How to use the'Armor Suit 'of the Black Ssè" A very suitable title for Fang Chong appeared, and Fang Chong knew it was what he was looking for. "Armor suit, normal combat uniform, can be changed in shape by the wearer." "There is no expiration date or time limit, and it can be worn 24 hours a day." "The most powerful defensive shape is Armor." The information about the'battle armor suit 'appeared. Can wear 24 hours, is not "Fang Chong read these materials,electronic board for classroom, understand the role of this armor suit or ttng more, but also can change the shape at will, that is, can change the style at will.". After Fang Chong understood the meaning, he took off his sportswear, and after he was naked, he meditated again in his heart. The whole body was covered by black sè in an instant. Shirt, West KKoutfit. "Fang Chong just wanted to try it this time to see if it was the same as the description in the survival manual.". The shape of these two clothes appeared in his mind. As soon as he came up with the idea, the armor-shaped clothes on his body changed, and then a suit of clothes with a shirt appeared, but the face was still black. It can really be like this. "Fang Chong went to the front of the mirror and looked at himself inside. He was satisfied with it.". After several months of experience and the change of gene y y à o agent to the body, Fang Chong's whole person now looks very different, digital touch screen board ,smart interactive whiteboard, tall and mature, which is very different from the white and clean otaku before. And the clothes changed from the armor suit fit better and look better. Later, Fang Chong tried to turn the armor suit into something else. Finally determined, no matter the combat vest, or short-sleeved casual wear, or armor type of appearance are no problem, as long as Fang Chong can think of the appearance, the armor suit can be changed. And Fang Chong also tried the so-called strongest way of defense, that is, the whole body covering type, together with the head are surrounded, forming a helmet shape. "It seems that I will wear it tomorrow." After a series of attempts, Fang Chong was finally relieved that the armor suit was even better than he had imagined. Not only the defense is amazing, but also can ignore the temperature, now the climate is close to summer, the temperature has been very high, but after wearing the armor suit, even if the whole body is covered, Fang Chong did not feel the heat inside. If there is only one defect, it is that the color of s sè is single, only black s sè. But the good thing is that the style can be changed at will. Knowing that it was getting late, Fang Chong turned the suit into pajamas and fell asleep on Chu chuáng. The time of one night passed quickly. Early in the morning, Fang Chong was the first person to come out of the room. And the first thing he did after Chu chuáng was to go to a vacant room next door. I don't know how dangerous the action is today. If I can improve my strength a little, I don't need l'làng fee. After arriving in the room, Fang Chong then took out the gene extraction machine, as well as the muscle rròu collected yesterday. After getting these things ready, get busy. There is still a difference between the green corpse man and the corpse beast's muscular rròu. The head alone is much bigger. Skilled movements, Fang Chong step by step C C à o. Soon, more than a dozen cups of y à o agent extracted from the muscularized R òu of the corpse beast were ready, as well as many cups of gene y à o agent extracted from the muscularized R òu of the green corpse man. By the time this was done, everyone else was chuing too. "There is still an hour to go before the troops assemble. Everyone should be ready." Fang Chong called everyone to the room after they had finished washing. " Inside the big cup is the gene y y à o agent of the corpse beast, except Ling Ya, everyone has two cups, "Fang Chong said." Well, "Qin Lan, Xiao Lan, these people have long been unable to resist the y y à o agent extracted from the muscle rròu, and they can even say that they like it.". And the most important thing is The gene y y à o agent can raise their level. As soon as Fang Chong's voice fell, everyone couldn't wait to drink it. Only Ling Ya stood there with a depressed face. "Your level is only fifteen. Do you want a small cup?" Fang Chong himself did not drink immediately,touch screen interactive whiteboard, but turned to Ling Ya and said. Why Ling Ya has been depressed since she came in just now. Why did Fang Chong deliberately miss her. And now I want her to drink a small cup. The inside of the small cup is extracted from the muscular rròu of the Green Corpse Man, which is more suitable for you. To be like them, you must raise your body level to more than 20. hsdsmartboard.com

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I can escalate the crisis of the end of the world _ 20200215155538.