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Eight minutes of warmth. Full-time Job

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The class is the gathering place of the outstanding students in the first grade of senior high school, all of whom are proud of scoring more than 500 points in the senior high school entrance examination. However, Yan Ze is an exception. To put it bluntly, the former Yangming Experimental Middle School was Yangming's junior high school branch, so there was always some care. Yan Ze, who scored only 494 points in the senior high school entrance examination, was lucky enough to enter the bilingual class of Yangming High School. Yan Ze is not a poor student, has been maintained in the class of about ten, for the class committee is a very suitable result. But compared with Gu Xiye, the top liberal arts student in the senior high school entrance examination, he immediately became much shorter. At first, just in the process of competing for the monitor, she decorated herself as the kind of girl who was "very easy to get along with". Yan Ze informed one dormitory after another that such trifles as "Please don't be absent from the opening ceremony held in the studio at 6:30 p.m." often did not stand at the door and say it casually, but went in and moved a chair freely. Then he chatted with six classmates sitting on the edge of the bed, chatting about the gossip that came from nowhere, and soon became familiar with all the classmates. Good character, good popularity, for girls, is a glorious evaluation. It's just that every time Yan Ze closes the bedroom door, he rubs his face in the corridor for a while, suspecting that one day he will laugh so hard that he will die. And then I got used to it. Smiling naturally in front of people, lively, cheerful, funny and humorous, is envied and liked by countless people. It's a little pretentious,metal stamping parts, but if not, how can I get as much admiration and favor as you? [4] The debate ended with the cheers of the class. Is it your turn to come on stage? Yan Ze was now able to use the diplomatic smile he needed to put on at any time with ease. He went to the sidelines to greet the four debaters who had received the trophy from the stage. After hugging Gu Xiye, even though he was a boy in the second debate, he had no scruples about hugging the past by inertia, but stopped here in the third debate. Yan Ze is somewhat afraid of Ji Xiao. Not because of a bad temper, but because of the implicit dignity of not speaking often. The inky forelock was sometimes longer than the level of the eyes, the face was handsome and comely, the complexion was light, and the figure was tall and thin. When he did not speak, the cold eyes in his eyes had a kind of self-evident deterrence, which gave people the impression of underbelly at first glance. It's not easy to get along with girls. Even if Yan Ze is a smooth girl who can talk to the wall, but because of the indescribable little like, after all, socket screw plug ,Stainless steel foundry, there is no way out for Ji Xiao. Apart from the working relationship between my deskmate and the class leader, I didn't say a few words about the topic. Only when I watched the news before an evening self-study. Yan Ze showed that he liked a background music in the mobile phone advertisement. Ji Xiao looked up from the exercise paper he had just taken out and squinted at the TV for a while. Yan Ze noticed this action, from which he judged that he was a little myopic, but usually did not wear glasses should be very shallow, only when sitting in the last row of seats watching the TV in front of the platform, he would slightly struggle to squint his eyes. Yan Ze was trying to figure out this delightful little action in his heart when he saw Ji Xiao turning his head sideways and smiling. He was not as serious as usual, at least his eyebrows were relaxed. The white overhead light made a circle of light highlights on his hair, and the light continued to fall to outline a circle of translucent light color. It's called "Time," by L-Other. Do you want to hear it? The sound seemed to leak from a very distant place against the flow of time. Yan Ze hesitated for half a second and nodded heavily with a smile. The boy groped in his schoolbag for a while, took out the white MP3 and handed it over. The girl reached out to pick it up, with a thin layer of sweat in the palm of her hand. I like it, too. Added a sentence. This is really laughing, a very short time span, a flash, almost can not catch. But for girls, it's like getting an electric shock, looking away more quickly, not daring to stare longer, and feeling full of abundance in their hearts. In math class, the teacher said that the intersection of A and B is the set of elements that A and B share. At that time, Yan Ze was thinking that he had a common favorite song, served as a class committee together, and even counted his deskmate. The intersection between himself and Ji Xiao was based on trivial elements that could easily be ignored, which was pitifully small. Therefore, the relationship is also light and thin. Such a relationship can not be embraced, right? Embarrassed, the rescuer appeared. Ji Xiao's eyes fell behind Yan Ze and suddenly brightened: "What's going on over there?" Yan Ze turned his head. He Xinliang smirked in his instantly broadened field of vision: "Of course, it's a complete victory. The bookworms in Shenghua Middle School are not at the same level as us at all." As he spoke, he assumed a rather disdainful look. Only then did Yan Ze remember that there was a more important inter-school basketball match than the debate between classes. The space in which attention is confined depends entirely on who is there. Full of oneself Ji Xiao's expression was still indifferent, but his tone was full of joy. After I made a quick decision, I came to see your final performance. "He Xinliang saw Gu Xiye turned around and praised him again and again." Not bad. " He continued to say to Jixiao, "You and Gu Xiye are really right." The joke was exchanged for the boy's light fist. Less gossip. He Xinliang did not call Gu Xiye, and could not hear the emotional intimacy; but Yan Ze was obviously a very distant "squad leader". Countless trivial details deepened the dark side of Yan Ze's heart a little, a little deeper, to a dark one, unable to see the outline of the light. At the same time, he repeatedly stressed to himself in his heart that the other party was He Xinliang, and there was nothing to care about. If it is Jixiao, I am afraid Yan Ze can not accept it. Now the key question in psychological entanglement is, why do so many people say they are right? But no one has ever said that Yan Ze and Ji Xiaodeng, who play the symmetrical role of being a deskmate and a squad leader and League branch secretary, are right? I'm still too ordinary. Yan Ze was a little annoyed. At the same time,die casting parts, the heart ripples some strange feeling, suddenly realized that this is what type of emotion Yan Ze himself was startled, hurriedly suppressed back. autoparts-dx.com

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